If you have been keeping up with our work the last few years, you probably recognize this little guy! We have been photographing Abi and Larissa since their engagement and met Ezra back in the NICU shortly after that. For all the major milestones in this little family’s history, we have been there – so naturally we were pumped when Abi and Larissa contacted us to photograph Ezra for his second birthday!

The theme of the shoot was “TWO COOL” which (obviously) suits Ezra perfectly! He has grown into quite the handsome man and loved cheesing for the camera and striking those poses! He had so much fun, and his facial expressions are priceless. From outright glee to meaningful looks, Ezra is a cutie all the way!

second birthday baby boy photos themed
Ezra is Mr. TWO COOL don't you agree?

After we finished photographing with the props and backdrop in the studio, we moved this birthday photo shoot over to Roger Williams Park for some nature and natural light. We are so fortunate to have this greenspace so close to our studio in Providence since it offers such a diverse landscape and architectural details. This was also the time to get more shots of them as a family!

Black and White same sex family portrait with little boy

While it is technically Ezra’s second birthday shoot, we never miss an opportunity to photograph families as a unit. Years from now when looking back, they will be just as interested to see how young they were! Trust us! It has been an absolute joy to watch Ezra (and this family) grow. It is plainly evident from the photos that he is happy, and they are happy - which is what really matters. Further proof love wins!

same sex family photos at Roger Williams Park in Cranston Providence RI
Roger Williams Park is near by and offers a variety of photo opportunities.

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