Nicole Gesmondi is a distinguished photographer from Rhode Island, whose journey through the lens began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Hartford Art School in 2005. Nicole's artwork has been featured in gallery exhibitions, and esteemed publications, including JPG Magazine, Light Leaks Magazine, Rhode Island Monthly, and the University of Hartford's Observer. Her still photography plays a key role in the 2012 documentary, “You Must Be This Tall.”

At the heart of Nicole's artistic vision lies a commitment to presenting her subject matter through the prism of abstraction. Her signature style positions everyday subjects through unique angles, intimate perspective, and the interplay of reflective surfaces. This deliberate abstraction is core to how Nicole challenges the viewer’s perception: "I don't want the viewer to know exactly what they're looking at, because I want them to pause and really think about what's in front of them. I want to encourage them to think about the places and objects they see every day from a completely new angle, and sit with how that new perspective makes them feel."

I see the thing, I feel the thing, I make the thing.”

Andre Kertesz

Though she embraces the abstract, Nicole's compositions remain rooted in the moment as she immortalizes our everyday surroundings. After capturing her subject, Nicole doesn’t often rush to edit and manipulate the image. “The camera doesn’t lie,” she explains. “The photographer does. The camera just shoots what it sees.”

Beyond refining her craft, Nicole is passionate about vintage cameras and expired film. She is rarely seen without her faithful Holga and cherished Polaroid pack, always prepared for a moment of inspiration.