To get dazzling and delightful wedding photos you will love forevermore, follow these three essential steps.

Amid a million to-dos to plan for your wedding, remember: your wedding photos are one of the few tangible items you’ll have after the big day is over. Can you imagine your impeccably planned event and its substantial investment leaving you with wedding photos you might hate? Surprisingly, it happens more often than you think.

That’s why we are revealing our three expert tips with you. We would hate for you to shed anything but tears of joy when you see your wedding photos. Read on to make sure you get dazzling and delightful wedding photos.

1. Promptly reserve your top-pick photographer

Often, we see couples who do endless amounts of research for their wedding vendors, and, by the time they’ve landed on who they like best, the vendor is not available. Especially now in this “post-pandemic” era, wedding venues and vendors are booking up quickly so it’s important to be prepared to make confident, but quick decisions.

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Another significant detail to evaluate is your photography budget. We know it's appealing to rule out a photographer based solely on their price, but, as we said before, of all the things you will invest in for your wedding day, your wedding photos will be one of the only tangible keepsakes. While your wedding is one (very special) day, your photos will be with you for years and years to come. These photos will help you replay your day repeatedly, and become cherished tokens for future generations.

Need more help? Get insight on how to find an authentic wedding photographer.

2. Pre-shoots are worth it

Besides your spouse, the other person you will spend a ton of time with on your wedding day is your photographer. That’s why we recommend making time to get to know your photographer before the wedding day. And, one of the best ways to do this is through an engagement session.

An engagement session (or eshoot) is helpful for your wedding photos for two key reasons. One, it allows you a practice run for getting more comfortable around the camera and with your wedding photographer. Two, it helps your photographer pick up on your style and personality as a couple, which makes capturing your wedding day moments that much more seamless.

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3. Consider an “unplugged” ceremony

We love when wedding couples opt for an “unplugged” ceremony. Not only does it help your guests stay present during your ceremony, but it helps your wedding photographer avoid ducking under iPads in the aisle or dodging cell phone cameras that may be blocking the perfect wedding photo. You can add this little detail on your wedding invites, on signage outside of your ceremony space, or have your wedding officiant announce this at the start of the program.

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Fall in love with your wedding photos

Through our years of photographing weddings, we’ve seen first-hand how these three tips help couples achieve a magical wedding photo collection of their cherished memories. Our favorite part of the job is working with couples to capture all the heartwarming wedding photos they want. Ready to get started? Get in touch to explore how we can help preserve your big day.