Over 50 years ago, Jim and Sue met in college. He spotted her from a distance, but they never spoke until a few months later when he needed a date to a fraternity party to impress the guys and asked to be set up with her. Long story short: they fell in love, got married, and started a family - the rest is history!

elderly husband and wife standing in front of their home in Barrington RI

Fast forward to now and the anniversary celebration put on by their two sons honoring the five decades their parents have been together, surrounded by close friends and immediate family. We got there before the party started to get photos of the set-up; they have always been a nautical family (Sue's dad originally introduced Jim to sailing and he still sails today), so they planned for a nautical theme with details like buoy necklaces and centerpieces labeled with Jim and Sue’s initials. Tom's Market catered, providing a buffet style meal with passed apps and a bar (so yummy!) and their cake was made by their niece, known as KC Bakes on YouTube, and it was beautiful!

husband and wife celebrating 50 years of marriage
details and candid photos from a 50th wedding anniversary backyard party in RI

Before dinner was served toasts were made in the yard by their sons and Sue's brother and sister. Moments like this are always so heartfelt and it is a joy to see people come together and show appreciation for one another. For example, Sue's sister always made them a personalized anniversary card (since Anniversary #1!), so she presented them with their 50th card during her toast. She explained Jim and Sue always let her tag along on their adventures, so each card illustrated the previous year’s activities – this was SO special to witness!

husband and wife holding handmade anniversary card

We spent the rest of the night taking candid photos of the partygoers and organized a large group portrait by a tree in their yard. We have photographed so many weddings before, but it was really nice to photograph the other end of a marriage - the 50 years later - of a family that was created because of a wedding!

husband and wife celebrate 50th wedding anniversary

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