A Summer Proposal on the Providence Pedestrian Bridge

map of providence to show client where to go
Photo we took when we did a site visit to show client where to stand for the best view.

This summer, Joanne planned a long weekend getaway to Providence with her boyfriend Richard. She booked them a cute little bed and breakfast near downtown and expected they would spend the days relaxing and exploring Rhode Island’s capitol city. Unbeknownst to her, Richard was also making plans for their romantic weekend away – with us!

City of Providence

As soon as he knew the details of their upcoming trip, he contacted us to photograph what he was planning – his proposal to Joanne! Letting us know the area they would be staying, we recommended he get on bended knee on the new Providence Pedestrian Bridge. Have we mentioned it is our new favorite location for photo shoots with sweeping Providence skyline views? He trusted our suggestion and we set a date to “coincidentally” be on the bridge with our cameras at the same time they would be!

providence proposal on pedestrian bridge
The Providence skyline makes a beautiful backdrop for this proposal.

On the day of, we dressed as tourists photographing the river and waited for them to cross onto the bridge. He messaged us in advance to let us know they were on their way and what they were wearing so we would not miss them, and we did not! We saw them coming and gave them space as they stopped to take in the view. Then, just as he got down on one knee, we spun our cameras into action and captured the moment Joanne said “YES!”

couple in downtown providence
A mini engagement session after Richard pops the question!
providence proposal

After we introduced ourselves and congratulated our newly engaged couple, we walked around the river for an impromptu engagement shoot. Joanne was so happy she was glowing!

And Richard? What did he have to say about his experience? “Thanks so much for everything! It was perfect!”

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