Family portraits make great gifts – especially for grandparents! With the Parent’ family elders coming up on their 50th wedding anniversary, sons Matt and Mike decided portraits of them with their families would make the perfect gift for mom and dad to mark the occasion. As many of us know, if there is anything grandparents tend to adore, it is photos of their precious grandbabies!

traditional in studio family portraits
It's tradition in Mike and Matt's family to take a family portrait
in celebration of a family members 50th wedding anniversary.

Matt and Mike opted for a family session here at our studio in Providence, Rhode Island. In-studio sessions are nice because they are not weather dependent, and we have direct control over the background and lighting. Basically, it means we are pretty much guaranteed to get the shots we need the first time, without having to consider rain dates or alternate locations. Sometimes it is reassuring to know your best dressed and perfectly coifed selves won’t be getting soaked, blown around, or sweaty out in the elements!

black and white child portraits

Speaking of best dressed, we loved how coordinated the two branches of the Parent family were for this family portrait. Blue is a popular choice for photos because it is rich without being too distracting. Even better, no two people are wearing the same shade or pattern, so they are still cohesive without being matchy-matchy! In this case, the shades of blue also brought out everyone’s eyes. The finished portraits are obvious to anyone they put plenty of thought and love into this very important anniversary gift!

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