abstract fine art back and white maternity photos
Low Key Lighting Maternity Photos

You may recognize this gorgeous woman from the chef themed boudoir shoot we photographed last fall. Can you believe that not long after that session, her and her hubby found out she was pregnant again? Perhaps it had something to do with those boudoir photos!? 😉 Just saying!

fine art abstract black and white maternity photos
Abstract Conceptual Maternity Photos

Anyways, she (and he) were so happy with the previous round of boudoir photos, we suggested she do a maternity boudoir photo shoot to celebrate little baby boy #2! Many women like the idea of maternity photography, but do not necessarily feel "sexy and confident" during pregnancy. Yanida had the advantage of knowing how beautiful she felt during her last boudoir session, so she was much less hesitant to get back in front of the camera with a baby on board this time around!

Since Yanida went with a bedroom and kitchen theme before, we suggested more of a fine art and abstract approach to her maternity boudoir photos now. Meaning rather than incorporating props and lingerie, we incorporated lighting and projections to create works of art. These photography techniques also offer a bonus for any self-conscious moms-to-be; projected abstract images can hide the areas that may be of concern while still showing off all those beautiful baby bumps!

abstract fine art back and white maternity photos
Fine Art Maternity Photos

When viewing her photos afterwards, Yanida said "she felt like a work of art," So mission accomplished! She received digital copies of her finished photos to look back on years from now as her little one grows, as well as a printed and framed copy of her favorite photo to proudly display at home today!

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