It is a popular misconception that boudoir, body scape, or even fine art photography always centers around a female subject – and that is just wrong! Sure, most of the time it is women opting for boudoir photos as gifts for their significant other or to celebrate their bodies - but we assure you men do it, too! So… if you are a guy wondering if male boudoir or body scape photography is a thing, the answer is yes!

Before going on, let us take a moment to stress the same rules apply to male boudoir that apply to female boudoir: It is kinky without being raunchy and sexy without being lewd. This is not pornographic; this is fine art. Hopefully these samples from Client "J's" gallery give you an idea of what male body scape boudoir photography is all about here at Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC.

abstract photos from a male boudoir photo session in RI

As you can tell from the photos, these body scape boudoir sessions are not just for females! "J" wanted to celebrate his body at this point in his life with abstract images of his physique. Nothing wrong with that! Body confidence is sexy on both women AND men! As you may have seen in our other boudoir shoots, we like to project images across the body in our darkened studio to create unique patterns and shapes. Additionally, we played with lighting and shadow to really highlight "J’s" frame (without showing too much skin), which works well with monochromatic black and white photography.

Aside from digital files to keep for personal use, "J" selected his favorite photo from the boudoir session to print on a large canvas for his master bedroom at home. So what do you say, are you man enough for a male boudoir session???

Interested in your own male boudoir photography shoot? Contact us today - we'd be happy to help plan your session and answer any additional questions that you may have.