Acting headshots are different from business headshots in that actors often want to showcase the many different expressions they can portray, rather than the single traditional “cheesy” corporate smile. Additionally, actors do not want to draw attention from their face, so distracting backgrounds and busy outfits are out, whereas in a corporate headshot you may opt to wear a suit or your uniform in your office. A simple t-shirt or button down in a dark or neutral color is perfect for actor headshots. In the photographs, we generally focus on the chest up, anyways, so do not waste time overthinking what to wear if you are interested in acting headshots!

Actor headshots offer additional flexibility for creative lighting and the use of black and white monochromatic photography. It is an unwritten rule corporate headshots are in full color and fully lit, so it is always fun for us to photograph actors and change it up a bit! We discuss with all our clients the overall mood or personal brand they are trying to convey through their headshots, so each session is guaranteed to be unique to their personalities and aesthetics.

black and white actor headshots non-binary teen
As you can see, the use of lighting really sets the "tone" of each image.

Naturally, we were excited when we heard Alex needed a headshot for the Stadium Theater Young Actors Studio, an intensive acting program for adolescents aged 12 to 18 - Go Alex! Since a digital print was required as part of the audition, we utilized creative lighting to show off Alex’s androgynous features, since Alex is non-binary. The final image Alex chose is also our favorite from the session; Alex’s parents liked it so much they even ordered a canvas print to display in their home!

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