Eliminating the Boudoir Taboo

There is something so taboo about boudoir photography. Some could never imagine posing in their underwear in front of a camera or feel less than confident about their bodies. Others wonder what they would do with such images or why they would even get them done in the first place. We get it. We have heard it all – but this time, hear us out - and let us eliminate the boudoir taboo!

1. What is boudoir photography?

The term boudoir is French for a woman’s private parlor, changing room, or bedroom where she dresses, does her make-up, and preps for the outside world. Think vanities, bathtubs, beds, and chaise lounges. Usually, what happens within these rooms stays secret, but boudoir photography gives us the rare opportunity to capture these intimate beautifying moments and celebrate them as art.

fine art boudoir photography

Note: In true boudoir, there is no outright nudity… only the suggestion of it. None of the photos from your session will earn anything beyond a PG-13 rating, so you can relax about your girlie-parts ending up in high resolution – it isn’t going to happen. In fact, nothing happens without your say-so!

2. Why do boudoir session?

Do it for you, gorgeous! They say you will never be more beautiful than you are right now, so why not celebrate it!? Maybe you have been slimming down or working out, perhaps you just woke up this morning loving yourself – that’s fine, too! Show off your body in all its PG-13 glory for any reason you want – it’s yours!

Maybe right now you are thinking you know someone who loves your body as much as you do - that’s awesome! If you are also thinking your boudoir photography would make a sexy gift, you are correct! Boudoir photography is super popular for fiancés, grooms, husbands, and deployed soldiers. The sensual style of all that PG-13 stuff is going to entice them for more – trust us!

fine art boudoir photography 3. What happens before the shoot?

The most important part of boudoir photography is establishing trust with your photographer before the lingerie goes on and the camera comes out. An initial consultation is crucial for building an easy repertoire and relationship with each other. You wouldn’t normally undress in front of someone you don’t know, right? Get to know your photographer; the results of your final images depend on a trusting relationship - if you are nervous or uncomfortable, it will show!

During your consultation, you will also decide on a location, theme, and possible props to include. Since boudoir is so personal, it only makes sense to personalize it! Besides the photography studio, consider locations in your own home or at a hotel - your photographer will have stylish recommendations in your area! For a theme and props, think about the recipient of these photographs and incorporate looks you (and they) will love. Engaged? Maybe bridal boudoir is the way to go. Deployed? Maybe a soldier-girl theme works. It’s all up to you!

fine art bridal boudoir photos 4. What happens during the shoot?

It is time to pamper and prep! Treat yourself to professional hair and makeup, ideally done on location before the session. This brightens your appearance and boosts confidence! Additionally, if you need or want specialized accessories or décor for your photos, ask your photographer for recommendations. An established boudoir photographer will have a network of trusted professionals they refer for sessions like this, where discretion matters!

fine art boudoir photography

Once you are beautified, its camera time. Relax; get comfortable. Be confident knowing you have complete and total privacy with your photographer. Will music inspire you to strike a pose? Turn it on! Does incense calm your nerves? Light it up! Does wine take the edge off? Have a drink! Whatever it takes, remember: this is all about you! Let your photographer guide you through the posing, they are professionals and know exactly how to show off your shape.

5. What happens after the shoot?

Your photographer will take dozens of photographs during your session, but as usual, they won’t all be keepers. The two of you will sit and look through each of them, handpicking your finest photos for your collection. Rest assured – neither of you are walking out of there until you are completely satisfied with your choices! During post processing, your photographer will edit, making minor adjustments to lighting and composition. The better your photographer is, the less editing will be needed - but if you have special requests, don’t be afraid to speak up!

Hooray! You did it! The session is done, the photos are picked, and it turns out boudoir wasn’t so taboo, after all. We promise you will love the way you look and feel afterwards, and how you choose to display or gift your photos is entirely up to you. Some clients order giant PG-13 canvases to display in their homes, some prefer small keepsakes their lovers can stash away – and some do both! Your photographer will help you design wall art and albums to match your style, forever preserving and celebrating your beautiful, sensual self!

If you have more questions about boudoir photography or you are ready to schedule your session, send a message – we would love to help!

fine art boudoir photography