You might remember Corey and Theresa from their maternity session way back in early 2022 and / or their intimate wedding ceremony this past April – both were on Blackstone Boulevard in Providence, Rhode Island. This time, we were there to photograph their wedding reception at Arrowhead Acres in Uxbridge, Massachusetts!

When I asked them why they waited five months for their wedding reception they said it was a "loaded question” since waiting was not their ideal choice, but they really wanted their venue! In the end, they didn't mind having a separate ceremony and reception because it allowed them to do all of the "sappy, emotional stuff" (as they put it!) during their ceremony surrounded by only their closest family and friends, so it was raw and honest. They said, and I quote them exactly because it’s so true: "We wanted to cry less and dance and drink more with our friends, which is why we wanted a reception, too. There are very few moments in life where you get to celebrate with ALL the people you love that you’ve met throughout your life." 

arrowhead acres wedding party photos

The theme for their wedding reception was woodsy, silly, and fun – so right away we knew it was going to be a good time! It was our first time at Arrowhead Acres, and we really loved all of the photo opportunities. If you’ve never been but are looking for a venue with rustic and traditional options, check them out! We had a blast wandering the property with Corey and Theresa, they were really up for anything photo wise – which is always a plus! We had them in the woods, on a trailer and in a canoe - they were actually some of Corey's favorite moments of the day, especially since their son, River, was included!

Read on for a Q & A with Corey and Theresa…

Q: Why was it important for you to have professional photos of your wedding reception?
A: It’s a big day and you want to remember all of the moments - big and small – even the ones that you might not see while you’re busy doing all the “bride and groom” things!

Q: Did we help solve any unexpected wedding day problems that may have come up? 
A: Not unexpected, but you were great at keeping us on task and not talking
and getting distracted during picture taking. Also, pocket squares.

Q: Was there anything that you learned about us that you didn't know ahead of time? 
A: Corey really wants me to say, “pocket squares!” Paul saved the day with those!

Q: What advice they would give couples just starting to look for a wedding photographer?
A: Find someone who matches your personality or is willing to go with your flow and makes you and all your needy needs comfortable!

arrowhead acres wedding photos


Venue: Arrowhead Acres
Photographer: Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC
Flowers: Dave's Market - Smithfield, RI
Rentals: Nanci Fancy
Cake: Under the Willow Bakery
Hair + Make Up: Linda Williams Beauty
Invitations: Canva
Transportation: First Charter (School Bus)

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It’s a big day and you want to remember all of the moments - big and small – even the ones that you might not see while you’re busy doing all the “bride and groom” things!

- Corey + Theresa | Arrowhead Acres Wedding