The leaves are starting to turn, the cozy sweaters have come out of our closets, and we all know what that means… The holidays are just around the corner! This year more than ever before, we’re wanting to feel close to our loved ones even though we may not necessarily be able to physically be there (thanks, Coronavirus…). Whether it’s the thoughtfulness of a holiday card or the gift of a family portrait (we hear you, grandparents), letting those you care about know that you’re there in heart and mind gives us that figurative hug that fills us with warmth and love.

Now that we’ve had our Hallmark moment -- however magical it is -- let’s get practical. Your fall season is jam-packed with work (hello Zoom calls), school (let your inner teacher shine, right?), shopping (online or otherwise), cooking (is baking sourdough bread still a thing?), we could go on… So when are you ever going to find the time to take your family photos? And can we even take these photos now with Coronavirus in our midst? Can you get holiday cards and family portraits at a one-stop shop?

The answer is YES! And mini holiday sessions are the way to do it!

family wearing matching red plaid outfits for fall photos

Here are our top 5 reasons to book one:

  1. They’re Coronavirus-safe(r)!

Safety is at the top of everyone’s priorities this year in particular. With you-know-what looming around, we’re extra sensitive to our clients’ safety concerns and do everything we can to quell those worries. Not only are we following protocols by wearing masks, keeping a minimum of six feet distance, and using hand sanitizer, but we’re also offering outdoor sessions. And since it’s a mini session, our interaction is for a limited amount of time. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible… and enjoy the shoot!

two brothers standing back to back in an apply orchard

toddler boy holding on to a Radio Flyer red wagon

  1. You’re getting a bang for your buck.

Mini sessions tend to be less expensive, so you can work with your favorite fabulous photographer (ahem, us) at a fraction of the cost compared to a full session. We offer three different packages for our mini holiday sessions, starting at just $104. We know that it’s been a challenging year for many, so we’re happy to provide these affordable options to help make your holidays a bit sweeter! Oh, and did we mention EVERY package comes with 25 holiday cards? 😊

family sitting on a blanket at an apple orchard

  1. They’re quick and fun!

These sessions typically run about a half hour – just enough time to capture that excitement (read: attention) and those fresh smiles (read: not forced). If your family (or spouse, ahem) is anything like mine, this 30-minute timespan makes for the perfect bargaining chip… that, and pizza afterwards.

fall themed family photos at an apple orchard

  1. They’re perfect for your little ones – two-legged and four-legged, alike!

So you want that picture-perfect photo to send to all of your family and friends, but you know that your little ones’ attention-span isn’t quite what yours is yet. Mini sessions are perfect for them! Since they don’t have to be entertained for a long photo shoot, these sessions make it easier on them – and, let’s be honest, you!

family sitting on a blanket with a dog

  1. They’re shot at beautiful locations.

Do something different from the expected fireplace photo this year (or photo with bad lighting from your cell phone camera roll… you know you’re thinking about it), and venture to the outdoors. Nature is a stunning backdrop for your family photos, and we like to offer fun sets and props to add that festive cheer!


If you “shop local” and book your mini session with a local photographer, you’ll be supporting a local small business! This year has shown us more than ever just how strong and warm our community is, and we thank you for being part of it.

toddler boy sitting in a red Radio Flyer wagon

How to book your mini holiday session with yours truly:

Our sessions are taking place at the gorgeous Indian Rock Farm in Scituate on Monday, October 12th and Sunday, October 18th from 11AM - 5PM. Sessions are 15-30 minutes long (depending on which package you select), and we’ll provide you with bottled water and snacks (COVID safety!) to make sure you’re happy and hydrated the whole time!

Contact us for more info and to book your session!

These mini holiday sessions are just what we’re all looking for around the holidays – something practical to make our lives a little bit easier. 😊