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Clients reach out to us for photo shoots for all sorts of reasons, but the most meaningful to us must be when someone wants photos specifically to celebrate themselves and their body. We are often so self-critical, so it is an honor to photograph someone achieving a goal, marking a milestone, or wanting to capture a moment in their body’s journey to look back on and remember forever.

"D" decided to do a boudoir session not as a gift for someone else, but as a gift to herself for her to remember her body, since she is soon having breast reduction surgery. As a woman, I understand how attached (for lack of a better word!) we are to our ta-tas and how difficult it may be to say goodbye after so many years together – even if our best health is in mind. It is certainly a milestone worth remembering!

confident female boudoir photo session RI

After chatting about different options for locations, "D" went with our petite in studio session and selected our 5x7 matted print book, which will hold 20 of her favorite images; it is the perfect keepsake for her from a boudoir session like this! While keeping the photo shoot in the studio (versus a hotel) might sound limiting, we have plenty of options for seating and props to give the photographs and posing some variety. We also brought in our go-to boudoir stylist Kristin Greene for hair and make-up, including lashes, for some extra pop! "D" had was so comfortable and happy with her boudoir shoot we asked if she would come in for “Post-Breast Reduction” boudoir photos, and she said she would! So, keep following for those “after” pics!

Q & A with "D"…

Why was it important to have your boudoir session photographed by NGP?

"Your website has great content, and I could see myself in the poses shown on the boudoir section. I'm a shy/modest person and I felt looking and reading your site that you'd tailor my photoshoot to show a sexier side of myself while still keeping my own personality. Our initial phone call was excellent, and you explained the next steps very clearly. I felt excited and comfortable from the start, I think you have an amazing personality and of course great talent."

What made you want to hire me for your session?

"I was impressed by your prompt responses and your first email to me was very professional and friendly. I was extremely nervous and had no idea what to ask or what to expect. Your first email was short and offered clear steps to the process and a price menu. You instilled confidence in that you have experience with the type of shoot I was looking for and I felt I was in good hands with you. I was also encouraged by the pictures on your website, I'm a curvy girl with curly hair and I felt nervous about my body and if my hair would look nice. Seeing Curvy girls on your site made me feel that you'd possibly understand problem areas of my body that I am self-conscious of. When we spoke, I felt I could be totally open with you about all that and you told me that you'd absolutely work on my body's strengths and that there are some tricks we can use to minimize things that make me insecure without going too far on changing my image."

What was your favorite part about working with me?

"You're very likable and it's easy to open up to you. My favorite part was the day of the photoshoot. While I was getting my hair and make-up done you laid out my outfits and you got ideas on what we were going to use. You were very engaging that day and you genuinely seemed excited for me- as if you were a friend that I brought with me. I feel like the initial questions you asked me helped you discover a lot of what my goals were for this experience, and I appreciate that you understood my goals and insecurities - and you assured me I'd love the shoot and end result. You were right!"

Was there anything that you learned about me and how I shoot that you didn't know ahead of time?

"I was wondering if not being in a hotel room would hinder the poses but once I got to your studio, you had many options to sit, lay down, stand and different backgrounds and it was perfect for my purpose. I was impressed with how much can be done at your studio and even though a hotel room would give tons more options, you are very creative, your studio is ample and worked perfect for me."

Since you ordered products through my studio, can you let me know what you liked about the ordering process / actual product?

"I liked seeing and handling the actual options of the albums available at your studio. It helped me select what product I wanted to get."

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