Client "B" always wanted to do a boudoir session and figured giving these photos as a gift to her fiancé on their wedding night would be the perfect surprise – and she figured right! Boudoir photography makes a fantastic wedding gift because it is intimate, personal, and totally sexy. If you are considering boudoir photography as a gift, make sure you leave enough time to schedule the session and for post-production design and product development! FYI, depending on what you order, this could be anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks.

boudoir photograph of woman covering her breasts

"B" contacted us in early April, scheduled her session for May, and didn't need the finished product until August – which was plenty of time! She selected our “Petite Session,” which includes an in-studio boudoir shoot with hair and makeup by our favorite Kristin Greene and a 4”x 8” accordion folio. It is the perfect little keepsake to give to her new hubby on their wedding night!

black and white boudoir photo of woman laying on back with legs in the air

During the two hours she was in the studio, "B" changed her outfits a few times to offer some variety, balancing between casual attire and lingerie. You never know what outfits you will like the most in the end, so it is always nice to have options! Amiright, ladies? Additionally, we changed up the poses and lighting to focus on her features and accentuate her curves. We do not need to be there on their wedding night to know her man is going to love these photos!

Interested in giving boudoir photography as a wedding gift to your fiancé? Contact us today to start a conversation.