The Difference Between Corporate Headshots, Acting Headshots, and Modeling Headshots

Professional headshots, whether for corporate, acting, or modeling, are must-haves in the modern world. They are used to assist in gaining employment for recent graduates as well as for maintaining a presence in an already established career. The type of headshot you need depends on your field, so communicating with your photographer about your specific requirements is important; Do not be surprised if they ask you lots of questions about your career! To help you get a better understanding about the differences between corporate, acting, and modeling headshots and what to expect from your session, we compare them below.

Corporate Headshots

As a rule, in your corporate headshots you want to look professional, friendly, and confident. Since these photos usually appear on marketing materials, social media, and websites representing you and your business it is important to exude these positive attributes to clients, business partners, and employees. The focus will be on your face, particularly the eyes, so do not go overboard on choosing an outfit. You want to appear in your headshot the way you do during a typical workday. Avoid having your hair and makeup overly styled if that is not how clients and coworkers will see you regularly. While you want to look your best in your headshots and some minimal photoshopping is acceptable, you still want to remain true to yourself and your daily routine.

Protip: Try to match your corporate headshot to your company’s branding. Perhaps with a pop of color from the logo or by having your headshot taken in the office!

colorful female headshot purple background
Client, Shannon, wanted a fun and colorful (yet still professional) headshot for her website.
QiGong instructor RI headshots
Rhode Island's QiGong Instructor Debbie Belaus wanted updated headshots and portraits that reflected her business.
Her updated portraits can be viewed on her website, Feel Good QiGong.
Providence headshot photography studio
Caroline needed an updated headshot for her corporate job.
Photographing on a solid gray backdrop matched the other staff photos.

Acting Headshots

The key to successful acting headshots is they must reveal your individual look and your unique facial attributes, even the ones you might normally want to hide! Your natural flaws are just as important as your natural beauty. Imperfect smiles, scars, wrinkles, crooked noses – show off what you have! The final photos will not be airbrushed or photoshopped. The goal of both you and your photographer should be to capture images true to your appearance with no behind-the-scenes post editing. Essentially, you do not want to show up for your audition looking like someone other than the person in your photos. This goes for professional hair and makeup as well. You want to avoid heavy glam styling and instead focus on an amped up natural look to accentuate your eyes.

Protip: Sephora and most salons offer this service at reasonable rates! Just ask!

providence acting headshot photographer ri
Local actor, William, wanted updated acting headshots to apply for future jobs.
He came in to the studio with a few different "looks" to add to his resume.
black and white drama club actor headshot for Stadium Theater RI
Teen, Alex, needed an acting headshot for the Stadium Theater in Woonsocket, RI
Actor, William, wanted a mix of in studio and on location headshots for his profiles.

Modeling Photos

The main difference between modeling photos and corporate or acting headshots is you want to show off your entire body, whereas the others are shot from the waist up with the focus on the face. Since you would essentially be the human hanger for the clothing you hope to potentially represent and sell, agencies need to see it in its entirety. It is also important to keep your outfit basic; you do not want to hide or distract the eye from your figure – no matter how good the clothes look on! Similar to acting headshots, you want to show off your natural look, so nothing will be airbrushed or heavily photoshopped during post-editing.

Protip: Most agencies have image specs required for a comp card, make sure you follow it exactly!

Local teen, Fay, wanted to submit a few photos to model agencies in the region. This was the first of many photoshoots we did for her.

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