Creative portraits with dramatic lighting photographing women who ride motorcycles in Rhode Island

It’s not every day I get to blog about photographing biker chicks, but today is that day!

This was such a fun and unique photo shoot for us because as you know, most of our work involves families and couples. I actually met Krystine (one of the biker chicks) when I photographed her engagement session with fiancé Dan back in April. That’s when I found out they both ride motorcycles and host campouts on their property a few times a year. How cool is that?

During her engagement shoot, Krystine had the idea of gathering the ladies in her club, Sacred Wilde (see Q & A below for meaning), to get professional photos of them with their bikes. I won’t deny it: The thought of getting creative portraits of edgy women was right up my alley!

For a location we chose Milk Thistle Farm where Krystine hosts their campouts. We had seven ladies interested and each essentially got their own mini session made up of various poses and outfits – with their bikes, of course! It was a great opportunity for us to play with light and posing and meet some really awesome women! When I asked them about their club and their mantra, they all basically responded the same way: they are all about GIRL POWER! They had a blast (as did we) and hope to continue working with them in the future!

Q & A with Krystine…

How did you get involved with riding?
I earned my motorcycle license about 10 years ago. After growing up watching the men in my family ride, I wondered: If they can do it, why can’t I? So, I bought a used bike from a friend and signed up to get my motorcycle license. I was one of only three women in the class. Despite never riding before, I passed the test with a 96. I’ve always loved the satisfaction of doing something well, especially something that is typically male dominated!

How did you go from riding classes to hosting campout sessions?
When I first got my license, I didn’t ride very much. I’d take my bike to work, the gym, or to run errands, but I felt like I didn’t have anyone to ride with at my comfort level. I had just sold my bike when I started dating my now fiancé, who is an active rider and in a motorcycle club. The first time I got on the back of his bike I knew I needed my own bike again. But I wanted it to be my own hobby and my own passion that we happened to share together. So, I got a new bike and joined Facebook groups for women riders. I started joining rides and attending campouts. I didn’t know anyone going but pushed myself to try it. I ended up learning a lot that weekend. I learned that I could do it, both mentally and physically, and I wanted to help anyone else I could. I wanted to give back all the things I wish I had had in my first few years. That’s when I decided to host a mini-moto campout tailored to women who were perhaps inexperienced and just needed a way to dip their toes in. Now I have an amazing network of women I can ride with on a regular basis, and I’ve met so many great people from all over.

Can you say more about the ladies you ride with?
The network of women I ride with is pretty diverse. Sometimes I’ll lead a huge group and it will include people I’ve never met before, and sometimes it will be my close riding friends. I recently started a club, and we ride or hang out almost every week. We’re founded on our shared experience as women in the riding community; We’re called Sacred Wilde: a Wilde being a person that is of nature, uncivilized (unconforming), and determined, and because of the sacred power we all have to overcome anything.

Is there a way for newbies to participate?
Anyone who is interested can find information about campouts, rides, and other fun events in the Facebook group Milk Thistle Farm Moto Campouts!

Black and white motorcycle boudoir outdoor shoot

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