black and white fresh 48 session | South County Hospital

You might remember Mike and Lauren's backyard minimony we photographed back in 2020. They’ve been busy in the years since and were working on baby number two when Lauren's mom reached out to us about treating Lauren to a Fresh 48 newborn session as a birthday gift. Of course, we were happy to schedule their session; I just love being invited to continue to capture my client’s milestone moments years after their wedding - It's like working with old friends!

Fresh 48 Hospital Photo Session | South Country Hospital
Newborn Fresh 48 Photo Session | South County Hospital

I usually like to arrive on day two or three for Fresh 48 newborn sessions. That way the parents have a day to rest up and adjust to their little one before the photos. Unlike the traditional studio newborn session, Fresh 48 photos have a photojournalistic feel and are usually taken while still in the hospital. It’s more about documenting the moments than just posing for the perfect photo. We take detailed shots like fingers, toes, the room number, the patient chart, favorite nursing staff, and if possible first meetings with other members of the family. Basically, capturing everything mom would want to remember but might not since the first few weeks are always blur!

Fresh 48 Newborn with Dad Photos | Rhode Island
Fresh 48 Newborn with Dad Photos | Rhode Island

In total I was at the hospital for about 90 minutes for their session, since we stopped a few times for nurses to check in. Due to covid restrictions, South County Hospital would only allow two visitors at a time; so unfortunately, we could not photograph this family of four together that day. Because of this, and having worked with them before, I offered to go to their house the following week to get some photos of them with their dog, Kevin - How cute they are!

Fresh 48 Newborn with Mom Portraits | Rhode Island

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