Kate reached out to us this winter after she saw a post on our Instagram & was inspired for a photoshoot of 6 month old baby Angelo. We met Kate when we photographed her wedding back in 2014 and have done a few photo sessions in the years since, so of course we were excited to have her back in the studio with a chance to meet Angelo! Besides, you only celebrate your half birthday once, right?

mickey themed 6 month old baby photos
1/2 way to One!

Kate was totally into it and decided on a Mickey themed shoot. She came in with his cute outfit complete with suspenders and bowtie, balloons, and a banner. Since Angelo cannot sit up on his own just yet, we incorporated our bright red vintage loveseat for him to sit and lean on, it matched perfectly!

6 month old baby photos in studio
1/2 way to One!

And let us talk about Angelo for a moment – he is adorable! What a little ham! He had so much fun and his costume did not bother him one bit, not even the birthday hat. Kate planned their day exactly right so he would be in the prime mood for his photos, and he was! Good thing this shoot was all about him, because he stole the spotlight; he was bright and smiling the whole time! He was such a team player we even had the opportunity to get some non-Mickey photos with a different backdrop, so Kate had options when choosing photos for printing. In the end, Mom and baby both left happy, which means we were happy, too! We cannot wait to watch baby Angelo grow up!

black and white mother son photo
Always be prepared to hop in a photo with your child.
These moments come and go in a flash.

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