Keith and Christy have a great story: they met in the elevator of their New Jersey apartment building while heading to the pool with friends, and eventually he had the courage to ask her out for a drink. How cute is that?! It is the beginning of a love story you would usually find in a romcom, except in real life!

Fast forward to two weeks before their weekend getaway to gorgeous Gurney’s Newport Resort and Marina this July, when Keith contacted us because this time, he worked up the courage to ask Christy to marry him! Swoon! He just knew the moment needed to be photographed – what a smart man!

When speaking with anyone planning to pop the question, we always ask a bit about the couple. It is nice to hear the story of how they met and how long they have been together to get a feel for their relationship and personalities. Also, we always ask for a photo so we know who we are stalking and photographing – we would hate to follow the wrong couple around with our cameras, waiting for someone to propose!

gurney's hotel newport ri proposal

So, as the sun was setting over Narragansett Bay we lurked discreetly behind the daybed pergolas at Gurney’s, watching as Keith and Christy walked along, stopped, and kissed. We knew it was coming, so we jumped within plain sight of them just as Keith got down on bended knee and an astonished Christy jumped for joy! It was the PERFECT moment; It is hard to say who was beaming brighter – Christy or the sunset! As you can imagine, she said “YES!”

surprise proposal at Gurney's hotel in Newport RI
sunset proposal in Newport, RI
black and white photo on a newly engaged couple outside Gurney's Resort in Newport RI

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