Christie reached out to us after seeing one of our other clients post a sneak peek from their son's senior portrait session. It inspired her to book a senior portrait session for her daughter Katie because she wanted her to "have photos that were special to her." – How thoughtful!

During our phone consultation, I met Christie, Katie, her Dad, and their dog, Jasper (who we later incorporated in a few photos) to discuss plans for her portrait session. They expressed interest in having photos "more creative and outside" rather than traditional indoor portrait studios. Even though her session was in December, I suggested Goddard Park for its variety of photo backdrops. Large rock formations, stone walls, wooden areas, waterfront areas and more. Practically anything you would want, all in one single park – WIN, WIN!

Collage of your high school senior | Nicole Gesmondi Photographer

I also told Katie during our call to bring two additional outfits to change into, so we could photograph a variety of looks. In our experience, high school seniors want to make sure their photos represent them but also want to look their best – so it is always nice to have options!

We lucked out, and the day of Katie’s senior portrait session was sunny and mild considering it was December. Sometimes our crazy New England weather works in our favor! Even though I photographed many sessions at Goddard Park before, during Katie's session I tried a few new spots I absolutely LOVED. It can be hard to jump right into your session in front of someone you only chatted with on the phone once, but Katie was a natural - we had a lot of fun, and we have photos to prove it!

Collage of your high school senior | Nicole Gesmondi Photographer

Why was it important to hire a professional photographer for your Sr Portrait session?

Katie - I wanted to have a way to look back on my time in high school and be able to see what I was like. To me, the best way to ensure that I had good photos (and something for my yearbook) was to have a professional who knows how to make subjects look their best.

What is your favorite image and why?

Katie - My favorite image is the horizontal picture of me on the fence, with my hand adjusting my hair. It’s an interesting angle that makes my hair look nice and I look good.

Christie - Honestly, it is hard for me to pick one! We selected the one Katie wrote about to give to our family. It is more traditional, and she looks beautiful. I also like the photos where she is leaning against the building with the ivy and the one where she is sitting on the steps. I felt like both of them captured very different sides of her personality.

Canvas Collage of Goddard Park Senior Portraits | Nicole Gesmondi Photographer

How did we help guide you through your session and ordering?

Katie - You provided amazing suggestions for location, posing, and which pictures were the most timeless and flattering.

Christie - You did an amazing job finding uniquely beautiful spots for the photos and you were incredibly patient with us through the ordering process. The photos exceeded my expectations. I’m incredibly indecisive, and honestly, it was easier to purchase the digital version than try to commit to ordering physical prints. We had not had professional photos done since our wedding over 20 years ago, before digital photography. Having gone through this process, I have a better understanding and should be able to manage it better for the next time.