4 Reasons to Have Your Proposal Photographed by a Professional

photos of a man proposing to his girlfriend at Gurney's Resort Lighthouse in Newport, RI
Ben proposes to Anna ON HIS birthday in Newport, RI

The beginning of THE rest of your life with your significant other begins with your marriage proposal! It’s a defining moment, one that you and your partner will remember and tell stories of to your family, friends, co-workers, maybe even your future generations – heck, probably the cashier at the grocery store if they’ll listen! We often hear from couples that, “It all happened so fast!” and, “I don’t ever want to forget it!”…Well, what if you actually had freeze frames of it all so that you could relive and share those magical minutes your life changed?

That’s what we’re here for: To capture that exciting, emotional moment when you agree to spend together forever *swoon* (We really love proposals!).

Here are our top 4 reasons why you need to have your proposal photographed by a pro (regardless of whether you get engaged in Newport, Providence, or anywhere else in Rhode Island!):

  1. Your fiancé(e) will thank you.
    Seriously, we’re talking major brownie points here! Hiring a proposal photographer shows your partner that you spent time planning and thinking this all out ahead of time. That this is something that is as important to you as it is to them. And that you took the time to put something so memorable together with care, love, and thoughtfulness. Brownie points, see?
    surprised reaction to a wedding proposal
    Newly engaged, Steph, in shock that her fiancé Ben has been planning this proposal for weeks!
  2. Proposal photos make gorgeous engagement announcements.
    The romance, the love, the excitement are captured in those freeze frames of your life – and what better way to tell the world that you’re taking the next step in your lives together than by sharing all of that? Proposal photos tell a story – your story – of that enchanting moment you mutually decided to step into your future together. They are a wonderful way to announce your big news whether on social media or printed.
    Surprise wedding proposal at sunset in Newport, RI
    Kyle and Leah spent the weekend in Newport at Gurney's Resort on Goat Island.
  3. Capture THE ring shot!
    You know the one… where perhaps there’s a bended knee and a sparkly light-catching gem involved… It is thatmoment when feelings are professed, tears of joy gleam down cheeks, and smiles couldn’t be wider. That’s the one. And you deserve to have time stop for you at just the right second in the midst of all that emotion via the most amazing photograph of it all.
    Just engaged bride smiling
    All smiles for Steph and Ben who got engaged in Narragansett, RI
  4. You get so much more than just a pretty picture (…because so much goes into getting it) – including help.
    When you hire an experienced, professional photographer (like us!), you’re getting high quality photos – whether it’s print or digital. You’re getting a photographer who is making certain that the photos are print-worthy considering the particular challenge of shooting from a distance. After all, this is about you and your significant other – not a camera being in your faces ruining the moment. We place ourselves within view of the shot but out of the way and capture the perfect background. We even can help with suggestions on locations, where to position yourselves, lighting, etc. – all to have that perfect moment and have that moment captured perfectly.
    Newport ri scenic wedding proposal
    Scenic wedding proposal at the lighthouse at Gurney's Resort in Newport, RI.

For your consideration:
Here’s a little bonus tip we thought would be helpful to you… When selecting a photographer for your proposal, consider hiring a company that has two photographers so that different vantage points of the same moment can be captured. You never know which photo you’ll like best!

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