"Thank you so much!! I love them!!!!! Such a crazy huge difference!!!
Great to meet you as well and thanks for making it fun!
- Headshot Client, S

Reviews like this are music to my photographer ears! I love when clients come in for sessions and leave with a positive experience and photos they are happy with.

The place where S works hired a photographer to come on site and take photos of all the staff back in May. She said there were a lot of staff members in need of photos so the picture taking portion was only a few minutes and it was rather rushed. When she went into her photos, she said she approached the photographer her concerns about being photographed and they didn’t really take them into consideration. Fast forward a few months, she decided to make her own appointment in the hopes to get some photos she liked.

You can see the difference for yourself:

how to properly pose your headshot clients3 Key Differences:

  1. Lighting is KEY when taking ANY photos. You never want to point the lighting directly at your subject as this makes them look flat and washed out.
  2. Point of view: You never want to photograph your subject straight on. Not flattering on anyone. Always shoot a little above your subject.
  3. Posing your subject: You never want your subject facing their photographer straight on. Slightly angling your subject often creates a more flattering look.

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