Helpful tips for your engagement ring selfie

Selfies are just about everywhere these days, and as a professional photographer, I’m no exception to the trend. Browse your social media or the news, and you’re bound to see a concert selfie, a vacation selfie, or of course, the ever-popular engagement selfie.

There are a lot of professional photography tips that also apply to selfies, including the engagement-ring selfie (can we call it a ringie?). Keep these in mind when trying to get the perfect shot of your ring.

Beauty-prep your hand

Get a manicure and moisturize your hand. The last thing you want is for a poorly manicured hand to distract the viewer from admiring the ring.

Make sure the ring is a focus

Remove all other jewelry from your hand, and be mindful of the background. Choose a simple one so the viewer’s eye isn’t attracted to anything else but the ring.

Capture the sparkle

The sparkle of the ring is one of the best ways to highlight its beauty. To get the most sparkle, use the natural light shining through a window and move your hand until you catch the light perfectly.

Shoot from above

It’s important to get the best angle to highlight as much of the ring as possible. Taking the picture from above is the best way to do this, rather than from the side or straight on.

Include your fiancé / fiancée

You’ve just started an exciting chapter of your life with the person who proposed and gave you the ring as a symbol of his or her commitment to you. Make him or her a part of the picture, too!

engagement selfie
Taken during Denver and Valorie's Block Island Proposal Shoot

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