How to Prepare for Your Corporate Headshot

Published 01/08/2020

Here are some things to consider when preparing for your updated headshot: 

  • Schedule a time that works for you:

Not a morning person? Ready for a nap by 5:00 pm? Are your afternoons packed? Think about all this when scheduling your headshot appointment. You need enough time to get ready without rushing so you look your best. Pick a time of day when you are at your peak and set aside about 30 minutes in the studio for your shoot.

on location headshot photographer
On location for Ximedica, LLC to photograph their staff.

You can take your corporate headshots in your office or another off-site location, if you prefer; however, choose a time when the location is quiet without many distractions. Stepping away from clients and customers in the middle of the day may be difficult, so perhaps before or after regular office hours would be best!

  • Dress for your industry:

Deciding what to wear for your headshot can be a daunting task, even if only your shoulders and chest are visible in the final image. To help guide you, consider your field and your position. What is appropriate in your industry? If you wear a suit to work, you should certainly wear a suit in your photo; likewise, if your uniform consists of a lab jacket, wearing one in your photo is also appropriate.

Alyssa Landi

In between jobs, fresh out of college, or changing professions? Heed these wise words from Picture Perfect(1997), “Dress for the Job You Want, NOT the Job You Have.” In some cases, corporate headshots will serve you well for years. Dressing up now will keep you from looking underdressed in the future when you land your dream job or earn that big promotion!

  • Tips on styling:

While you do want to “be yourself” in your photos, you do not want to go overboard on personal styling. The idea behind a corporate headshot is to look clean and professional. Let your personality shine through your expression, rather than through hair, makeup, and accessories. As with wardrobe selection, consider your industry standards when styling yourself for your shoot. Read on for gender specific advice…

  • For men: There is no “rule” when it comes to facial hair in corporate photos, other than to make sure you are clean shaven without straggly or uneven lines. While your photographer does do some editing post-shoot, you cannot depend on them to eliminate your 5 0’clock shadow in Photoshop. If you have longer hair, tie it back into a neat ponytail or brush it behind the ears so it does not hide your face in the photos.
  • For women: Wear makeup in your photos only if you usually wear makeup, you do not want to look different than you would on a day-to-day basis on the job. Try to avoid bright, vivid colors along with anything glittery or shimmery – they may reflect light in the final photo! When considering jewelry, do not select anything large and distracting; you want employers, colleagues, and clients to notice your face first, not your accessories! Hair should be neatly styled and brushed, without excessive decoration.
male corporate headshots providence ri
Bob Menendez
same day business headshots providence
Christine Bell
  • Get some rest:

The night before your shoot, get enough sleep so you wake up looking naturally refreshed and energized for your photo. This helps with under-eye bags and skin tone – the camera can tell if you are overtired and exhausted! 

  • Stay hydrated!

We know, we know, every time you turn around, someone is reminding you to drink water… and as it turns out, your photographer is no exception! Hydration is so important for your body, including your skin. Drinking plenty of water in the hours before your shoot will keep you glowing and healthy. Also, do not forget to moisturize!

If you have further questions, or need more guidance on how to dress for your industry in your corporate headshots, send us an email, or give us a call – we are happy to help!