After months spent planning your perfect day, you want to make sure your wedding photos turn out perfect and capture moments that you can look back to and reminisce about for years to come.

Not only is it important to find the right wedding photographer, but it is equally as important for your bridal party to support the photographer before, during AND after the wedding ceremony so they can beautifully capture every moment.

Want to make the most of your photographer’s time and expertise on your wedding day? In this week’s blog, I dive into the ways that you and your wedding party can help your photographer capture the spirit of your special day and create beloved memories for generations to come. Be sure to share this article with your bridal party so we’re all working together to make your day magical.

Getting your bridal party ready for the ceremony

Starting your wedding day on schedule is key to making sure your wedding photographer is primed and ready to capture your most important moments.

On the wedding day, everything that happens in the morning affects the timing of the rest of the day’s events. So, if hair and makeup run late, then your ceremony runs late, cocktail hour starts late, and your photographer risks running out of daylight for your wedding photos.

This is where close collaboration between your bridal party and your photographer can make or break your wedding photos.

Brides and grooms

As the wedding couple, your job is to make sure you’re in the right place as soon as your wedding photographer arrives so they can begin setting up and grab initial photos of you getting ready.

For brides, this means making sure that their hair and makeup are running on schedule. Ideally, when we arrive the bride is putting the finishing touches on their hair and makeup, leaving time for us to snap a few “touch-up” photos, along with shots of the shoes, the dress and other details before the bride is dressed for the occasion.

As a groom, you’ll want to make sure you’re in the right place at the right time. Arriving at your "getting ready" location allows us to capture those authentic moments - whether it's watching a bowtie tutorial or sharing meaningful gifts. Moments like these will add depth and emotion to your wedding album.

Wedding party

Many couples we’ve worked with tend to think that their bridal party is there to plan the bachelor or bachelorette parties and be in their wedding photos. That’s a big part of the job! And the wedding party is a key support system for both the couple and the wedding photographer throughout the wedding day to ensure the event goes smoothly.

While you are getting ready, your wedding party can help to calm your nerves while making sure you and your fiance stay hydrated and well fed. Yes, you read that right - sometimes couples forget to EAT on their wedding day. In addition, a joke or compliment often helps people relax, soften, and be present.

Not only is your bridal party there to look great in the wedding photos, but they can help the photographer do their best work in service to you, the bridal couple. Even small gestures like tidying up the room and making sure the bottoms of bouquets are dry can go a long way.

The big event

Stay on schedule

Making sure your wedding party sticks to the photo timeline is crucial. An experienced photographer will have already reviewed and planned out the photos you want prior to the wedding day. Requests for additional photos may mean other photos get bumped so please think carefully before you request new poses.

Instead, trust in our experience and let us handle the photos. We’re at your service because a) we love weddings, and b) we know how to create a one-of-a-kind wedding album that tells your unique wedding story.

Plus, the sooner we capture all the shots we need, the sooner you and your bridal party can arrive at cocktail hour where the party begins.

Support your wedding photographer

A simple check-in from a member of your bridal party can mean the world for your wedding photographer. Whether it’s offering us a bottle of water on a 90 degree day, or lending us a helping hand, these little gestures support us to do our absolute best work.

Be present

By living in the moment at your ceremony, your bridal party sets the tone for the rest of the guests. After all, your wedding only happens once, so make sure your wedding party is paying attention and fully present for your celebration.

On the wedding day, put your phones away and don’t read any speeches off of your device. Your bridal party will be photographed before, during and after the ceremony, so it’ll be obvious that their attention is not on the happy couple.

Be present for every moment and don’t forget to smile! Whether you’re walking down the aisle, posing for formal photos, or awaiting the big reception entrance, your bridal party’s smiling faces will add a bit of joy to every frame.

Your job’s not over after the ceremony

The wedding party isn’t off the hook after the ceremony. You can help your wedding photographer finish their photos sooner and leave yourselves more time to enjoy the reception by helping coordinate group shots and find key people for the couple’s group photos. As part of the couple’s inner circle, you’ll be able to quickly tap these key family members so we capture all the shots on the couple’s wish list.

Wrap up the festivities after the event

What better way is there to wrap up your celebration than by checking out the finished product!

For our wedding couples, we offer in-studio viewing sessions where couples, along with their bridal party or friends and family, can come and relive the big day with some popcorn and their favorite beverage.

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Help your photographer capture wedding photos you love

By lending a hand to your wedding photographer, your wedding party can make the most of your photographer’s time and capture memories that will stick with you forever.

Want your wedding photos to move you? Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your wedding memories last a lifetime.