A Surprise Family Portrait Session for Mom …that She Unknowingly Planned for Herself!

With a large extended family living across the country, it can be hard enough to coordinate a reunion for a family portrait, but even harder if you want to make that family portrait a surprise for the grandparents! This was Devon’s predicament since she lives on the west coast and was headed east with her husband to spend the holidays with her parents.

in studio family portraits for grandparents

Living thousands of miles away, Devon found it challenging to research a qualified Rhode Island photographer to help coordinate the session… so who did she enlist the help of? Her own mom! Yup, the very person the surprise portrait session was for! In a rather ingenious move, Devon made up a story to her mom (who is local) about her Rhode Island friends needing a photographer - long story short - Sara (the mom) found us, loved our work, and forwarded our info to Devon. Little did she know, she had just chosen her own photographer for her own surprise!

In studio family portraits as Christmas gifts

Devon reached out to us, and we planned the session for when everyone was in town for the holidays; The portrait would include Devon, her husband and two children, Devon’s sister and her son, and her parents. As usual, we photographed multiple family breakdowns but started with the large group since it was the most important portrait to get. Mom Sara was SO surprised and happy to know the photos would be amazing since she had already vetted our work!

black and white portraits of teens

Afterwards, we coordinated a Zoom session to review the photos as a group and so they could choose which to have printed and which to include in a collage for (grand)mom Sara (see below). We love making ideas a reality for our clients, and this was another successful “surprise” session for the books!

studio family portraits made into a collage as a gift