During the initial consultation for Katie’s boudoir session, we discussed the possible themes, props, and the aesthetic she wanted to incorporate into her photo shoot. These consultations give us an opportunity to get to know and understand our clients’ needs and expectations before they ever step in front of the camera. We do this with everyone but find it especially important with boudoir clients since they are deeply personal photo sessions!

in studio boudoir photography
In Studio Boudoir Photo Sessions.

Katie did her research and wanted to do an in-studio boudoir shoot (as opposed to meeting at an off-site location) right here at our office in Providence, Rhode Island. She also shared that she wanted to go a "darker" route for her boudoir photos (think handcuffs, corsets, and chains); rather than a more “traditional” boudoir shoot with lace, Katie was thinking leather! During our conversation and while getting comfortable with each other we established boundaries: the finished photos would be kinky without being raunchy and sexy without being lewd. We had a good laugh about how we are a boudoir studio, not a pornography studio!

kinky bdsm themed boudoir photos
In Studio Boudoir Session with Katie.

The day of Katie’s boudoir session we had Kristin Greene of Kristin Greene and Company come to the studio for hair and make-up. Kristin is our go-to recommendation for boudoir sessions, and once we explained the theme of the photo shoot, she knew exactly what to do and worked her magic; she gave Katie a sultry and glamourous makeover cohesive with her boudoir aesthetic! What woman does not love a makeover to boost her confidence and bring out that inner beauty!? Throw in the hot outfits and props Katie brought from home along with a few of our own and behold! We had one sexy, badass babe in our studio!

BDSM boudoir themed photoshoot
Black and white boudoir photography

Fun fact: If you want to see more from Katie’s boudoir session, stop by Sensations in Warwick, Rhode Island - a few of her photos adorn the walls!

BSDM intimate boudoir photography
The darker side of boudoir

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