Capturing a Miracle: Newborn Photos on the NICU Ward

Newborn NICU hospital portraits

On May 18th, 2019, Larissa delivered micro-preemie twins at 26 weeks weighing 1lb 9oz and 2lb 2oz. When she called to let us know the babies came early, I remember the difficulty she had describing how small they were; footprints were the size of her thumb; an entire hand gripping her finger, and their weight was about the same as a large apple. It is hard to imagine!

newborn NICU hospital portraits
nice newborn hospital portraits

Larissa and wife Abi are not only clients but also dear friends, so the news of their birth was both joyous and nerve-wracking. Because of their small size, Ezra and Jeremy’s fight in the NICU was real – and heartbreaking. Unfortunately, Jeremy (who Abi and Larissa call the Lamb), did not survive. As devastating as the loss was, however, Larissa and Abi had to stay strong for Ezra - and day by day he grew stronger and stronger.

nice newborn photos with same sex parents

It was not long when I went to visit them in the NICU and meet Ezra. Before going, I asked Larissa if she wanted me to bring my camera. She seemed confused as to why I would want to document the NICU with all its wires and machinery but said I could if I wanted to - which was good because my bag was already packed! I knew they would want to document this time in their lives even if they didn't think they did right now. Just because this wasn't how they planned it would go, it was still part of their journey and someday I knew they would treasure these photos.

black and white NICU newborn portraits with same sex parents

It was so important for me to capture the struggle, the strength, and the love in the life of NICU babies and their families in more of a documentary style versus directing them to stand in a certain spot and pose with perfect lighting. This was not a traditional shoot in a traditional setting, so those traditions were cast aside for more intimate and candid portraits of Abi & Larissa with their little fighter, Ezra. Over the course of two visits, we documented the miracle of his life with his adoring parents by his side. It is amazing to see the progress of his growth over that time, and now Abi and Larissa will always be able to look back and describe (in pictures) exactly how small he once was.

A message from Larissa:

"Our main girl, our awesome photographer Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC came to visit Ezra last week and asked to take some photos. At first, I was skeptical because he’s in the NICU, and who would want photos of a baby full of wires? But honestly, it’s part of our journey as a FAMILY. These are truly what NICU life is and now Abi and I will have these Photos forever. Thank you."

black and white NICU hospital photos