crossfit themed boudoir photography
Fitness (in her case, Crossfit) themed boudoir photos.

Bride-to-be Corilyn contacted me about an awesome gift idea for her fiancé: Boudoir photos! Bridal boudoir is a hot (pun intended) wedding gift for your beloved for obvious reasons (here’s lookin’ at you, sexy!), but it is also a gift that can be personalized and sentimental, too. There is no “cookie cutter” boudoir session, and Corilyn had plenty of ideas for hers!

Woman wearing her fiancé's plaid shirt during a boudoir photo session
Wearing her fiancé's favorite plaid shirt and holding a coffee mug from their favorite donut shop.
Incorporating items that are meaningful to you, really personalize the session.

Because hubby-to-be is a pilot, she opted for a cute air force outfit as a nod to his profession - and to give him something to think about while he is traveling, surely! Additionally, she brought along her workout clothes because they CrossFit together and a flannel shirt from a memory they share. These personal details add intimacy and dimension to a boudoir session, especially if the photos are intended as a gift for someone special!

Black and White Rhode Island boudoir photos
Classic Boudoir Photography
black and white boudoir photography
You can be suggestive and classy during a boudoir session.
NYLO hotel candid boudoir photos in Warwick RI
Boudoir Photography can be sexy and fun!
Just communicate your ideas with your photographer.

We selected NYLO Warwick as our location for the shoot and we hired Kristin Greene to bring out Corilyn’s natural beauty with hairstyling and makeup. Corilyn also invited her best friend to assist and cheerlead. As a bonus, once the session was over, they had a fun little besties sleepover at the hotel! What a great idea!

black and white hotel boudoir photography in RI
Black and white photographs make boudoir photography "pop"
NYLO hotel boudoir photo session Warwick RI
After your session, you will have a variety of different "looks" to choose from.

In the end, Corilyn was SO excited about her photos and thrilled with the overall experience she says she left saying, “When can we do this again!?” THAT is what we like to hear! Boudoir is all about empowerment and loving our bodies! Oh, and her hubby? He gets a 12x6 acrylic album of sweet and sexy photos from the girl of his dreams. Win! Win!

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