Krystine was the lucky winner of my silent auction item during the Rhode Island Wedding Group's Cocktails, Veils, and Tails wedding show in November. She outbid a bunch of other couples for a one hour engagement session and a 16x20 canvas wrap. The funny part is, once we spoke after the show, she admitted she was not "officially" engaged… yet… but she had a feeling it was coming and said she’d be in touch!

A few months later, and as predicted, Krystine gave us the news: "Yesterday I got engaged!!!" We started brainstorming potential locations and she suggested her and Dan’s property because they own 5 acres of mixed open and wooded space. She sent me some photos and I agreed - it would be perfect!

Private Farm Engagement Photos

We arrived at Milk Thistle Farm on an early spring day and were greeted Krystine, Dan, four dogs, multiple chickens, and a few goats. Even though the plantings were just starting to bloom, there were so many photo opportunities. The best part was the location was personal to Krystine and Dan; couples always look relaxed when they are comfortable in their surroundings!

As we strolled the farm, we learned more about how they met (on the dating app Hinge), their first date (Mr. Z's in Plainfield, CT), the proposal (after a disagreement during a hike). It is so obvious these two are great communicators and partners, not to mention epic animal lovers! Seriously, we have never gotten so many cute photos of our couples with their pets in one session before. There was a certain dog or goat or two that were fond of photo bombing, but that’s what made the location and the final images so much more personalized and special!

Rustic Farm Engagement Photos

Want to know more about Krystine and Dan? Read on…

Why was it important for you to have engagement photos?
I really wanted some professional photos to use for our save the dates and to display at our wedding. I love the idea that in 50 years I can look back on us in love, newly engaged, and relive the excitement. I also thought it would be a good way to get us comfortable in front of the camera together before the wedding itself.

Engagement photo session with goats

What was your favorite part of your engagement session?
We really loved all of the very easy, casual moments between us. We liked that you encouraged trying different settings and positions, and incorporating the farm which is so special to us and has been a huge part of our relationship.

What was your favorite image and why?
The one with my dog Zeta is really special. While it wasn't the purpose of the session, it was nice to get a shot with her, especially because we had to say goodbye to her just a few days later. Dan has come to love my animals, and the farm, just as much as me and it was a great way to honor her as well as the love that has grown between us and for our life together.

Engagement Photo Session with Dog

Was there anything you learned about us and how we work that you didn't know ahead of time?
It was very casual and easy. I have worked with other photographers before, and you were very laid back and willing to try all sorts of ideas! You even dealt with our dog trying to kiss and sniff you between shots.

What tips could you offer engaged couples who might not want to have an engagement photo session?
I don't think it's possible to regret capturing memories. It's just another way to celebrate your love, your engagement, and have that moment in time memorialized so you can visit it over and over. You can't put a price on a memory.

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