Miles and Cary live in Fort Lee, New Jersey and planned their first trip to Newport, Rhode Island for the weekend after Thanksgiving. Miles decided he wanted to propose while they were in Newport because it was a brand new place for them both and he wanted to propose in a place where only they had memories together. The stunning scenery, incredible food, and gorgeous lighthouses were a big determining factor, too! Miles said, "I wanted this new place to be one we remember forever." How romantic!

castle hill lighthouse Newport proposal

Their love story is also super cute; They actually met on Hinge! Miles had sent Cary a like, but then he paused his profile because he wanted to take a dating break. However, when Cary sent the like back and said he had a nice smile, Miles couldn’t resist responding! He figured she might be worth interrupting the dating hiatus. We agree he made the right decision!

Their first date was in Miles’ hometown at a local coffee shop called Rey Sol, the day after Miles’ birthday. After spending time getting to know each other and laughing, they took a walk through the town and decided to get a glass of wine and Italian appetizers. Seven hours later they both knew something special was happening and there would be a second date!

Since Miles and Cary had never been to Newport or Rhode Island before, I made suggestions for locations for the proposal. I communicated my ideas to Miles, and he chose Castle Hill Inn, which of course has its own iconic lighthouse on site – exactly what they were looking for on their trip to the Ocean State! We lay in wait among the other sightseers on the property, and when Miles stopped to pop the question, we jumped out of hiding and got the shots.

Newport ri proposal castle hill lighthouse photographer

Obviously, Cary said, “YES!”

Why was it important to have the proposal photographed?
It's a really special moment and marks a new chapter in our relationship. Sometimes in the rush of the moment, you can lose track and I didn't want those memories to be lost. I wanted us to have them to look back on. And I really wanted to be able to capture that surprise factor since I'd been secretly planning it without Cary knowing!

What made you want to hire us for your proposal? 
I saw the work Nicole has done and I thought the pictures were personal, fun, and authentic. 

Did we help solve any unexpected proposal day problems?
A few days before we came to Newport, Nicole let me know that the initial location that I wanted to propose at was closed. She gave me guidance on what we could do instead, and when I decided on Plan B, she gave me more guidance on how to make sure it could happen there!

On the day of the proposal, Nicole found the perfect spot and advised me that there were other people there (including another proposal!) and that the location she found for us was incredible. Given I had never visited Newport before, I felt comfortable with all of Nicole’s directions!

timeless and authentic black and white Newport proposal castle hill lighthouse photos


Leading up to the proposal, my communication with NGP was authentic and effortless. Nicole and Paul both communicated exactly what we should do, made us laugh, and we didn't feel forced at all when we were taking pictures. It felt like no one else was around us. Instead, it was a fun loving time celebrating a big event in our lives.

- Miles Silva | Proposal at Castle Hill Lighthouse

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