5 Important (and Usually Forgotten) Questions to Ask Your Photographer

Okay, so you are shopping around for wedding photographers and you know you have your bases covered when it comes to the important questions like availability, packages, pricing, and services. But are you digging deep enough for clarification on important, but usually forgotten, details? Don’t worry, we made a list of our top five questions most couples never ask, so you aren’t left wondering!

Who will be photographing our wedding?

You may not realize it, but the photographer or company you are interviewing might really consist of a staff of photographers. Oftentimes, the owners of companies are booked up first, so in those situations you want to reach out ASAP to get the lead photographer you want. Additionally, you want to make sure you speak and meet with the actual photographer who will be working your wedding to make sure you have chemistry. You will be spending the whole day together, after all!

Collage of photos of a wedding photographer in action
Collage of us in action - as you can see we are very useful!

Do you have a sample wedding gallery we can view?

You might have been stalking potential photographers’ Instagram pages for weeks comparing their styles, but a post here and there is not going to give you a true example of what their work looks like start to finish in a single day. You want assurance your photographer is consistent, no matter if it is during the getting ready photos, the ceremony, formal photos, or reception. A sample wedding gallery shows you what you can expect from that photographer. Are they consistent with style, composition, and lighting? Is there a balanced selection of photos from every part of the day? Do you like a good percentage of the photos?

Aruba beach wedding photos at the Radisson Hotel
We're available for travel worldwide. Here, we flew to Aruba to photograph Paul & Kristen's wedding.

Do you have references we can speak to?

Sure, you have probably scoured the internet for reviews of all your potential photographers, but aside from reading reviews it is important ask for a few references. While written testimonials are great, some people might shy away from being too critical online or prefer to keep it short and sweet. We find you get a more honest answer when you ask someone directly what their experience was; it is always nice to talk to someone who has been through the process with the person you are considering hiring!

RI wedding photographer with her couples
I always try to hop in a photo with my couples!
By the time their wedding arrives, we are best friends.
You always take photos with your friends right?

How many photos will we receive?

Even we have a love hate relationship with this question, but it IS important to ask because the photographer's answer tells you about their culling process. We believe it is part of our job to narrow down the photos taken over the course of the day, so the couple gets only the best of the best. So, while it might sound great if they tell you your getting 2,000 images, you might have to wonder about the quality of those images – 2,000 images that are not repetitive, blurry, or just downright bad might be hard to do at a typical wedding. Remember, you do not need 10+ images of the same group photo when 2 would do!

photos of wedding albums and print product available to order
A variety of wedding albums and press cards that are available for purchase.

If we order an album, do we get to pick the photos?

This might seem like an odd question but believe it or not some photographers choose what photos go into your wedding album without any input from you! If this is something you want to be involved with (and you should!) then definitely ask this question. If you can select the photos for your album, make sure you also ask how much time you have to view the gallery and make your selections. You do not want to miss a deadline because you are away on your honeymoon!

Wedding albums, wedding canvas wraps available to purchase
More products available to order: Canvas Clusters, Images on USB and our Luxe Pop-Up wedding albums.

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