Restoring and Preserving Your Memories

More so than any other time of the year, the holiday season invokes feelings of nostalgia and memories with loved ones, present or not. And this year, with Covid-19 in our midst, we feel the longing to get together with the special people in our lives and reminisce. Reminisce through things like stories, music, and yes, even old photos.

How touching it is to look into the eyes of relatives when they were younger and see the emotions behind their glances at the camera. Or to see a special moment captured – be it from a birthday, a child’s soccer game, a dance recital, or an incredible “just because” photograph. It’s in these photos that we can feel and, quite literally, see the past.

But because of any number of reasons, these photos don’t always stand the test of time. You’ve seen it before: the yellowing at the edges, the discoloration, damage due to liquid, the list goes on. That’s where we – and photo restoration -- step in to help you.

Whether you’d like to restore the photos for yourself, future generations, or as a gift to someone special, we’ve got you covered. You might be curious about what this entails, so here are the top things to know about our photo restoration process.

  • How long does it take?
    Photo restoration typically takes 2-4 weeks from start to finish. We begin with an initial consultation to connect with you and discuss the importance of the image. We'll also discuss problems with the current image (like coloring, removal of objects, replacing backgrounds, etc.). It’s important to note that there is no "magic button" to fix the image. But with time, our expertise, and much care, your image will be restored.

  • Will the photo look exactly like the original?
    We do everything we can to restore the image to its original appearance. Once that’s in place, we can print it to a physical photograph for you (and can accompany that with a digital version as well – Bonus!).

    When working with photo restoration, it's important to set the expectation based on what the original image was. For instance, if the original image is blurry, blurry it will continue to be. Restoration will not change that. On the other hand, if the original image is sharp and with high resolution, we can work to get it back to that visual. That being said, there is beauty in the imperfections as well, and we are happy to work with you to get the photo how you want it.

  • Does the size of the photo matter?
    As long as it's the original photo, we should be able to restore the image for you. Size isn’t really a factor in terms of the quality of the restoration. But keep in mind that the larger the image is, the more work will be involved since there is more image to restore.

  • Can you share any examples of photos you have restored?
    Absolutely! Here are a couple of our favorites, including one that’s particularly near and dear to our hearts.

    Our photo restoration journey as photographers began when I stumbled upon old photos of my Dad. He passed away when I was 15 years old, and having these photos not only for myself but also for my family and future generations is very close to my heart.

    Photo restoration is a very personal and touching service, and we make sure to care for every single photo because we understand first-hand just how important it is.
    photo restoration original and after restoration
    Showing "before" restoration and "after" restoration.

    Recently, our neighbor asked if we could help her with a photo of her son. The photo was 16”x20”, frame and matted, and unfortunately faded due to direct sunlight. Besides the discoloration, the image itself was in good shape. We were able to scan and restore the image back to its original coloring, and we even put it back in its original frame.

  • How much does photo restoration cost?
    We offer very reasonable pricing for our photo restoration services, starting at $150 (with framed and matted prints, canvas wraps, gift prints, sizing, etc. pricing will increase). The process requires a high level of expertise in different areas as well as technology and software that goes beyond what is commonly available. We are happy to provide you with the best!

As you can see, photo restoration is something we take a lot of pride and care in, and this year in particular has brought to the forefront how special this service truly is. It gives us a way to stay connected to the past and to each other. And to remind us of all the wonderful people and memories to be thankful for.

So, while this year’s holiday season may be different in form, it is the same in function: We are ever-so-thankful for the support and love shown by those we hold so dear.

Thank you for your kindness, from our family to yours.

"With your memories in mind"
- Nicole