2020 is a “make the best of a bad situation” kind of year for everyone, including our clients Sarah & Trevor! Due to shutdowns and social distancing where they live in Washington D.C., they found themselves suddenly working from home with no childcare for 14 month old Liam. To balance the work/family balance, they decided to take an extended “vacation” here in Rhode Island where Sarah is originally from and where her parents still reside. Cohabitating for the summer gave Sarah the opportunity watch over her parents during the pandemic while they watched over Liam. With everyone together unexpectedly, why not get new family portraits? With the fur baby too, of course!

outdoor family portraits with toddler and dog
Slater Park in Pawtucket, RI was the location for these outdoor family portraits.

Since they live near Slater Park in Pawtucket, it felt like the obvious choice for a family photo shoot location. There is plenty of green grass and foliage for group shots, and Liam and the pup were happy there too, which is a big bonus! It was July so temperatures were high, we even rescheduled once because it was too hot for the baby (and grown-ups!), but the alternate date offered ideal weather: cooler and overcast with clouds to help diffuse (soften!) the light.

unique outdoor family portraits with toddler
The perfect way to incorporate Mom and Dad without them fully being in the photo.

In the end, we captured a few traditional style portraits of the whole family and Liam, along with some fantastic candid photos of them interacting together during what turned out to be a fun afternoon at the park. The pandemic definitely isn’t ideal, but it does give us the opportunity to appreciate and spend time with family!