Client "Y" chose to do a boudoir session for one of my favorite reasons: to CELEBRATE her body! Ladies, to be honest, we do not do this enough! We are all beautiful; but unfortunately, we do not always realize it. STOP with that nonsense right now and be more like "Y"! Recognize the moment and seize the opportunity to love yourself as you are now, however you are now!

black and white abstract maternity boudoir photography

Always interested in the art of photography, Client "Y" is interested in more of a fine art approach to portraiture (woohoo!); think bodyscapes, low key lighting, and an appreciation for black and white photography. This was exactly the creative matchup I have been hoping for, since opportunities to work in the abstract are rare! It is one reason I feel I stand out from the rest of boudoir crowd – I am not afraid to try something new and mix up the traditional!

We talked a bit about photography styles and techniques, and after some brainstorming decided to work with a projector to create large abstract images across "Y's" body. I chose architectural images I have taken on my travels and enlarged them to create interesting patterns.

As you can see, the resulting photographs from "Y's" creative and conceptual boudoir session are STUNNING. As mutual lovers of black and white photography, we opted to play with contrast and shadow – it was truly a celebration of the body in art!

abstract conceptual black and white boudoir photo

"Y" was delighted with the final photographs and her decision to celebrate her body and her love of photography with boudoir photos. She purchased digital files for her personal use and to look back on years from now when her body no longer looks as it does today. We all age, it happens. However, photography (like art) preserves a pieces of the past while celebrating the beauty of life.