COVID was a crazy time for all of us; we each have stories of loss and sacrifice and triumph to share, and mom NAME is no different. Her first child was born at the beginning of the pandemic, and so she was forced forgo many traditions new parents usually enjoy – like having professional newborn photos taken.

Purple backdrop swaddle newborn photo

Fast forward two years to a time when COVID is (thankfully) behind us and Melissa is a new mom again! This time around, she was not sacrificing any of the traditions and celebrations surrounding the birth of her child, so she contacted us and set up a newborn photo session with baby JAM (his initials) right away!

It was perfect timing for us; we just acquired a few new backdrops and props and were excited to try them out. This time of year, most photo shoots are outdoors, but newborn sessions generally keep us indoors, which gave us the ideal opportunity to offer this little family some new looks from our studio. Big sis, Michaela, had fun climbing on our furniture and baby JAM looks adorable in those whimsical woodland scenes!

whimsical woodland themed newborn photography

As always, we included a few shots with mom and dad, too. While it may have been a rough road to start, this little family is a Covid story of triumph, and these photos will mark the day they all came out of it better - together!

Q & A with Mom…

Why was it important to have professional newborn photos taken of JAM?

With our first child, we did not have professional newborn photos due to the pandemic. When we found out we were pregnant with our second child, we knew we wanted to capture the early stages of having a newborn. We also wanted to capture our new family of four. Some people may say, "I can do that with my camera or phone," but to be honest, due to our toddler's lack of cooperation, getting the perfect picture was more difficult than we expected. Luckily, with Nicole's experience and talent, she was able to capture photos of even the 4 of us.

Peter Rabbit Themed Newborn Backdrop

How did you expect the shoot would go?

We expected the perfect scenario; our newborn would sleep on command and our toddler would smile angelically for the camera.

smiley toddler girl black and white photo

How did it actually go?

The session overall went pretty well considering we were working with a toddler and a newborn. Our newborn did not want to sleep right away; Nicole was extremely patient as we fed our baby, changed diapers, and tried to lull him to sleep for the photos. We never felt rushed or like an inconvenience. Our toddler did not want to sit or hold the newborn; Nicole adjusted and had plenty of other poses that could work. At the end of the day, Nicole produced photos of our family that we were extremely happy with.

Candid Toddler Girl photos
in studio family portraits Providence RI

What advice can you give families with a newborn who are considering or on the fence of doing a newborn shoot?

Do it! You will never look at the beautiful photos of your newborn and regret having them. Wear something that you feel comfortable in; your happiness shows through the photos. Give yourself time and try to be flexible with the photo shoot.

father son newborn portraits

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