artistic engagement photos ri

There are many factors that we consider, when discussing with our clients where to photograph their engagement session. Often times, couples come to us and already know where they want to go for their photos.

In cases where the couples do not know, we ask them a few questions such as:
- What do you like to do for fun? --> hiking, the beach, kayaking, socializing in the city, walk with their pet(s) - All great activities to include in your session
- Where did you get engaged? --> A meaningful location as it's the start of a new milestone together
- Where do you live? --> Maybe they want to do photos in their town or at their home?
- Where is your wedding? --> Perhaps considering a different type of location than the wedding to offer a different background.

Meryl and Andrew love to go fishing and be outdoors together. They also love the quaintness of Tiverton, RI which is why Seapowet Marsh was the perfect spot. We had never photographed a session there but the photos they sent us were beautiful.

Well let me tell you this area was gorgeous! We went there in mid July and there was a GORGEOUS field of colorful wildflowers, a quiet beach area where the water looked like glass, tall grasses, a wooden fence, wildlife along the water area..photographer heaven really!

engaged couple sitting in wildflowers

sunset engagement photos

macro engagement ring photo

We met later in the day and planned the session around sunset. The final images came out AMAZING don't you agree?

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