So whether we like it or not, 2020 weddings in southern New England will be a lot smaller this summer… and maybe even this fall. If you were planning a for huge wedding – do not despair! We have a few reasons right here why we love the idea of smaller, more intimate weddings – and you should, too!

backyard ceremony set-up in Warwick, RI on the water
Backyard Wedding Ceremony for Kelly and Matt in Buttonwoods, RI
at the Groom's parents home.
Small intimate wedding at Providence Art Club in RI
Small Intimate Wedding at Providence Art Club with John and Dina.
Florals: Flowers by Semia
Small wedding ceremony at Easton's Beach in Newport, RI
Small Intimate Wedding Ceremony on Easton's Beach in Newport, RI.
Arbor: Uniquely Chic Vintage Rentals
Florals: Michelle Jeanne Floral Design

Focus on Your A-Listers!

Smaller weddings mean smaller guest lists, which means some friends, work family, and old college buddies might not make the cut. However, it DOES mean the A-Listers who get an invite will be the ones you hold dearest. Instead of having to divide yourselves among hundreds of guests, you will have the time to focus and celebrate with your innermost circle of close friends and family. Trust us, the wedding day goes by fast, and a smaller wedding does increase the chances of creating special moments with the most important people in your lives!

black and white photo of a bride hugging her sister
Bride, Cary, sharing a quick hug with her sister before the ceremony.
small wedding party at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford CT
Crystal and Craig with their wedding party at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford, CT.
small providence ri wedding party photos
Top Image: Wedding Party at Prospect Park overlooking Providence, RI
Bottom Image: Bridge and Groom with Bride's Mom and Sister / Brother in law
small wedding ceremony on patio at the Pond House in West Hartford, CT
Small Intimate Wedding Ceremony at the Pond House in West Hartford, CT

Plan a Post-Wedding Party!

Right, so what about those friends, work family, and old college buddies that might not make the A-List on your wedding day? You do not want them feeling left out, so why not plan an epic post-wedding party for later this year or next? Not only does it extend the celebration for you newlyweds (you and your squad can even get dressed up again!), but it also it gives your friends a special chance to party in your honor. There are no rules when it comes to this; whether you plan a cookout or book a venue, by the end of the night hurt feelings and disappointment the original wedding plans had to change will be long gone!

bride and wedding party playing giant Jenga at Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport RI
Bride and Groom with Bridesmaids playing a giant Jenga
Lawn Game Rentals: Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment
Venue: International Tennis Hall of Fame
candid outdoor wedding photos of guests
Candid photos of a Groom (top) and a Bride (bottom) with their guests.
Bride with bridesmaids wearing matching robes and drinking champagne on a golf cart
Bride, Cary with her Bridesmaids on the golf cart.

Redistribute Your Funds!

Okay, so if you budgeted for a huge wedding and are now having a smaller one, odds are you will be saving a couple (hundred or thousand) bucks. What to do with that extra money? Well, you could put it towards that epic party (see above), use it to bankroll a (nicer) honeymoon, or spoil the guests at your smaller wedding by upgrading their experience with open bar, fancier menus, entertainment, or custom décor. As always, any extra money can also be the start of a nice little nest egg for your future!

Mouth watering wedding appetizers, raw bar and salad with pears. Delish!
Mouth watering wedding appetizers, raw bar and salad with pears. Delish!
Newport wedding party holding Awful Awfuls at the Tennis Hall of Fame
Bride, Groom and wedding party drinking Newport Creamery Awful Awful's.
Newlyweds on a gondola ride in Venice, Italy
Paul and I in Venice, Italy for a gondola ride.
bride and groom on vintage lounge area in Newport RI
Splurge on Lounge furniture for your guests to enjoy.
Venue: Tennis Hall of Fame
Rentals: Uniquely Chic Vintage Rentals

It keeps the focus on YOU

Lavish weddings with hundreds of guests in massive ballrooms are beautiful, but (hear us out) they can sometimes pull attention from what is most important: YOU. No one sitting in the way back will miss your vows or the first kiss (what a bummer!), and everyone will feel close enough (while still being socially distant enough) to enjoy every moment of your wedding, meaning 100% of their focus will be on you – which is how it should be!!!

Small intimate wedding ceremony at Castle Hill in Newport RI
Small intimate wedding ceremony at Castle Hill in Newport, RI.
small intimate wedding ceremony at the Boston Athenaeum
Small intimate wedding ceremony for Katie and Marc at the Boston Athenaeum.
Small backyard wedding at private residence in RI
Small backyard wedding ceremony and reception at private residence in RI
Wedding Officiant: Mike Egan // Heavenly Weddings

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