hotel bridal boudoir photos

Rebecca reached out early this summer to do boudoir photos as a wedding night gift for her fiancé, Alex. This is not an uncommon request! Boudoir photography (or bridal boudoir) is a popular gift to give your betrothed. This is especially true if you personalize the session – a gift that is sexy AND sentimental is always a win-win!

During her pre-consultation, Rebecca expressed her desire for absolute discretion. While she was comfortable giving these photos to her hubby-to-be, she did not necessarily want her face and fanny out there for the world to see, (yes, names have been changed for this blog!) - which we totally understand. For this reason, we selected a local Clarion Inn for the boudoir session since it was somewhere she would not be recognized.

Providence hotel boudoir photography

To personalize the boudoir photos for Alex, she showed off his two favorite aspects of her personality: her sultry side and her sweet side! We pulled this off with lighting and poses to match the lingerie she chose for the shoot. The sweeter side involved silk robes and softer lighting while the sultrier side involved stilettos and harder light. Because this was a wedding gift, we made sure to include a few sexy shots with that gorgeous engagement ring, too. Our guess is Alex is going to love every bit of his custom acrylic album!

black and white classic boudoir photoshoot
Hotel bridal boudoir photography
Sultry bridal boudoir photography in RI