I first met Erin in 2003 when I was interviewing sororities on campus at the University of Harford - Big thanks to Facebook for coming out a few months prior to graduating because it became super easy to keep in touch with my college peeps! In the 15 years since, I’ve photographed Erin and her family a few different times for different occasions, so I wasn’t too surprised when she told me Kevin proposed and they wanted engagement photos!

Newport Engagement Photos | Kevin + Erin

Erin and Kevin actually met even before I met her when they were 14 at Jimmy's Restaurant in Dedham, MA. She was waitressing tables and he delivered pizzas. Erin’s first memory is that she "fell right in to his blue eyes" (AWWW) and kept "finding reasons to talk to him." Likewise, Kevin said he would always "find reasons to get Erin to make him a strawberry frappe which she ALWAYS spilt on herself." Kevin was even Erin’s first kiss!
Newport Engagement Photos | Kevin + Erin | Brenton Point

Fast forward a few decades to their rekindled love and engagement session, which we chose to do in Newport because Kev LOVES spontaneously surprising Erin to catch sunrises and sunsets. Newport was the perfect spot. We started at Brenton Point to capture the ocean, greenery, and rocky scenery before catching my vibe to take some photos near the crumbling and soon-to-be-demolished Bells Stable. We ended the engagement shoot at Newport Harbor Island Resort because the views from their property are stunning!

Newport Engagement Photos | Kevin + Erin

Want to know more about Erin + Kevin? Read on!

Where was your first date?
The (second) first official date was June 15th 2019 at a Lee Brice concert.

Where and how did you get engaged?
Kevin suggested we go for a Hike at Hale reservation, an old sentimental hangout of ours. We started hiking on this beautiful day, got down to the beach section, and there were two teenagers with the biggest speaker (I'm talking 80's big, but Bluetooth!) blaring the absolute worst rap music I've ever heard. Kevin would not stop staring at these teens "ruining the beach." Two other families stopped and asked the kids to turn down the music. They didn't comply. We start walking and I say something like I “Should call and complain to the local police?” Kevin supported it and handed me the phone. So, together we became the "get off my lawn" couple and made a noise complaint! They came quickly and we watched the officer kick the teens off the beach. Kevin then insisted we finish up our walk. When we got to our spot, he had me take a photo of something across the lake - and when I turned back, he was on one knee!

Newport Sunset Engagement Photos | Kevin + Erin

Why was it important for you to do an engagement session (besides it coming with your photo package)?
Kevin will take selfies but never lets others take our photo. I wanted to catch us being us, which was 100% our experience with you and Paul!

What was your favorite part of your session?
It was fun and relaxing, I felt like we were hanging with friends (ha I was!) catching up.
Kevin: Nicole's flexibility to try different places and ideas made the session fun.

What is your favorite image and why?
The one of us chasing the sun together and dancing like we are in the kitchen together.

Best Newport Sunset Engagement Photos | Kevin + Erin

How did we help prepare you for the session?
You did a great job telling me I was overthinking what we were going to wear. Kevin would have been uncomfortable the whole time, instead, he was himself - which is what I wanted in the photos. You also listened to the vibe we were going for in the shoot and helped us pick locations to match.

Newport Sunset Engagement Photos | Kevin + Erin

Are you interested in taking sunset engagement photos in Newport RI with a professional photographer who feels more like a friend? Someone who will provide you with beautiful photos of you and your fiancé along with a fun experience? If so, shoot us a message, we'd love to hear from you!