See more photos from this surprise proposal on the Providence Gondola's during WaterFire

Gerard contacted me three and a half weeks before he planned to propose to his girlfriend, Gianna. She recently graduated with her master’s degree, and he was planning a trip to Rhode Island to celebrate. He said Gianna always dreamed about getting engaged in Italy, but logistically a European vacation wasn’t feasible, and he went looking for other options. After a bit of internet sleuthing, Gerard saw the gondolas in Providence and knew instantly they’d be the next best way to fulfill her fantasy of an Italian proposal – how thoughtful! An added bonus? Providence even has some slamming good Italian food!

Gerard and Gianna met through mutual friends when they were in Middle School and remained friends for six years before they started dating in high school. Because they both had busy schedules, they made time for each other during 8th period to grab lunch or hangout. To this day, they consider the 8th period their first date, making them high school sweethearts! Swoon!

You can tell Gerard and Gianna are super comfortable together and have a relationship built on friendship. To avoid tipping Gianna off about the proposal, I pretended to be on board their gondola ride taking promotional photos for the gondolier, so I saw how they actually act together without the camera on them; Their love is 100% authentic!

The moment Girard started to pop the question we spun into action and got the shots: him on bended knee, her reaction, the embrace, the joy, the relief… all of it captured on film for them to look back on and relive for years to come.

BTW, she said YES!

Q & A with Girard…

Why was it important for you to have the proposal photographed?

I wanted us to be able to look back and see what a magical moment it truly was and see the raw emotions we both shared. We also wanted this time to be intimate and just us; therefore, having these photos to share with our families was important.

What made you want to hire us to capture the proposal?

After much research and looking for a photographer, once I saw and spoke with you, I knew you were the person I wanted to capture this memory and be a part of our special day. You were enthusiastic and shared the happiness in my vision for my proposal!

What was your favorite part about working with us?

Every part from start to finish was amazing! From playing along with the gondoliers pretending to photograph for a brochure to ensure she Gianna had no idea to taking the time to get the perfect shots of the proposal and talking with us and getting the perfect poses afterwards. So grateful for the entire experience!

What was your favorite image and why?

The one where Gianna is on my back and sticking her hand out showing her new ring! It was a fun picture and I loved it!

Q & A with Gianna…

When did you realize Gerard was proposing? Did you have any idea?

For a month prior to the trip, I suspected I might be getting engaged. He wrote me this sweet card congratulating me on my master’s degree and said he had a trip planned. I thought instantly he was going to propose. As the weeks went on, my family spent their time convincing me I was imagining it, so I started having doubts. The day of the gondola ride, I had no suspicions because he did not seem nervous and gave no indication that he was holding a ring in his pocket the whole time!

What was your favorite image and why?

The one where Gerard is lifting me up under the archway. It was perfectly captured, and the way you posed us was perfect.

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