Explore my favorite Rhode Island engagement photoshoot locations and learn what makes them incredible backdrops for your loving memories.

Rhode Island is a stunning state with scenes that truly take our breath away. Over years of shooting engagements, we’ve returned to a few locations that make for the picture-perfect backdrop for your engagement photoshoot.

From scenic coastlines to historical landmarks, there are endless possibilities for capturing those cherished moments of your relationship. The right location can set the tone for your entire engagement photoshoot, so it’s essential to decide on a backdrop that is not only gorgeous but feels like it represents you as a couple.

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While we always try to encourage our couples to find a place that is significant to them – like their favorite local beach or the park where they had their first date – it can sometimes be challenging to decide. Here are our top picks for the best locations to take engagement photos in Rhode Island.

Fort Wetherill

Fort Wetherill is a hidden gem located in charming Jamestown, RI. Both picturesque and edgy, Fort Wetherill offers unforgettable views of Narragansett Bay, surrounded by luscious greenery and a rocky shoreline. Waterfront views provide a dreamy, golden hour photo opp as the sunset’s warmth illuminates the surroundings.

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Not only is this location naturally elegant, but it is also a more quiet and peaceful option for couples, which we find allows our engaged couples to immerse themselves in the photoshoot process. This relatively secluded area, with a semi-private beach, also offers privacy for couples to enjoy the intimacy of their session without being interrupted by crowds and unwanted distractions. Plenty of backdrops exist for unique engagement photo ideas between the idyllic dock, graffitied stone walls, and grassy fields.

Colt State Park

Colt State Park is one of the more popular locations for engagement photos in Rhode Island, and for a good reason! This 464-acre park in Bristol boasts miles of walking trails, rolling hills, and picturesque ponds, giving couples an expansive range of backdrops without ever leaving the park. Ideal for couples looking for romantic and nature-focused settings, Colt State Park offers lush greenery, unreal sunset views, and a fairytale bridge over the water.

Colt State Park Engagement Photos

Even though this location is popular, the spaciousness of Colt State Park gives our couples plenty of privacy and ample opportunities to find secluded spots to take photos without worrying about other park visitors. Plus, the park offers many complimentary amenities, such as picnic tables and public restrooms, making it a comfortable and convenient spot for couples during their engagement photoshoot.

Providence Pedestrian Bridge

For couples looking for a backdrop with cityscapes, Providence Pedestrian Bridge is a modern and sleek option that spans the Providence River. Connecting the east and west sides of downtown Providence, the bridge’s unique design and awe-inspiring views create a contemporary backdrop featuring the city's magnificent architecture.

Providence Pedestrian Bridge Engagement Photo Session
Providence Skyline for Engagement Portraits

While the bridge is an inspiring destination, providing amazing views of the Providence skyline, the Pedestrian Bridge is also easily accessible through downtown Providence. Being so conveniently located near some of the city’s best restaurants, cafes, and shops, we love encouraging our couples to make a day out of their engagement photoshoot and take advantage of all downtown offers. This way, we can follow along to capture an adventurous date in the city and a suite of special new memories.

Explore Rhode Island’s best engagement photo locations

Working, growing, and being in love in Rhode Island has allowed us to uncover our alluring state's incredible backdrops and hidden gems. From the natural beauty of Fort Wetherill and Colt State Park to the modern and sleek design of the Providence Pedestrian Bridge, there’s no shortage of breathtaking locations for your engagement photos. Whether you’re looking for a serene and romantic setting or an urban and contemporary feel, Rhode Island has it all, and we will help you find the perfect match.

Reach out today to learn more about creating lasting memories and capturing beautifully intimate moments for your Rhode Island engagement photos.