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Why Maternity Photos Matter & Some Mom-to-Mom Pro-Tips on Looking Your Best!

Trying to decide if you should have professional maternity photos taken? Obviously, we think you should – but don’t take just our word for it! We reached out to some former moms-to-be we photographed over the years & asked them why future moms should get the pics – along tips on getting pics you’ll love forever!

“Pregnancy seems to come & go in the blink of an eye & now there are times when I miss my belly or miss the feeling of those baby kicks. You have a connect with this little one that is growing inside of you & seeing the pictures is a reminder of that” - Kayla

Embrace the Belly!

Sure, we get it. We’ve been there before, too. You’re tired, you can’t see your feet, it takes multiple attempts to stand up & you’re ready to eat - again. Pregnancy changes our bodies, & while some days are tougher than others, we should embrace those baby bumps while they last! Regardless of how you may feel, you really are beautiful. You’re glowing. Your hair, skin, & eyes radiate. Take this time to show off that belly before it’s gone!

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Mom to mom pro-tips…

Don’t be so self-conscious: Mom-to-be Kayla was worried about posing in a sports bra, but they turned out to be her favorite pictures. There will be no belly shaming here!

Practice beforehand: Mom-to-be Sierra stretched & worked on her poses to build confidence in her flexibility & ability.

Treat yourself: Whether it is a new sports bra or a gorgeous maternity gown, you’ll feel like a babe with a baby on board in something new!

“One day you’ll be looking back showing your child the photos & the great memories of carrying them will flood you” - Sierra

Plan for Comfort!

Ok, so you are ready to bare the belly & take some photos, but where? As with everything else, location is everything! Don’t feel like leaving your house? Great! Want to walk in the park? Awesome! A maternity session is all about you & your baby, so wherever you’re most comfortable is where your photos need to happen.

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Mom to mom pro-tips…

Think of your feet: Mom-be-Sierra is already in mom-mode reminding us all to wear comfortable shoes!

Come prepared: No one (pregnant women in particular) likes getting hangry! It’s no good for anyone, so don’t be shy about packing snacks – & plenty of water, too!

Consider the season: What’s the weather like during your last trimester? If it is 100 degrees with 100% humidity you might want to stick to the AC, just saying!

“We love our maternity photos & those special hospital photos because it reminds us of how far we've come & how much our little guy has grown” - Abi & Larissa

Look for Inspiration!

So, let’s face it… as you’re cruising into the third trimester, your social life goes on without you & suddenly you can’t resist the urge to “nest.” You’ve got baby on the brain, so why not use the time for a little inspiration? Social media, Pinterest, & scores of blogs (like this one!) offer tips & tricks & fun ideas for maternity photos & what to do with them. Start scrolling!

creative maternity photos with Christmas lights

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Mom to mom pro-tips…

Share your ideas: Mom-to-be Kayla was Pinterest inspired to incorporate Christmas lights, & showed us examples of what she liked ahead of time so we could plan them into her shoot.

Trust your photographer: Moms-to-be Abi & Larissa were surprised by some ideas we already had for their maternity session. Us photographers are known for finding inspiration in the moment!

Think ahead: What will these photos be used for? Wall art in the nursery? Holiday cards? Albums? See what products are available & how they are used, it might inspire where & how you take your photos!

“My pregnancy was a time for me to reflect upon my life before my child, embrace the excitement of what was about to happen, & trust that everything would work out the way it was supposed to” - Abby

Make it Personal!

Just in case we haven’t emphasized this enough, this is your baby & your maternity session, so it’s all about you! Personalizing your photos via location or props or special outfits is a great idea no matter what. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Harry Potter nerd? Sweet! Love to travel? Right on!

travel themed maternity photos with pets

custom t-shirts for maternity photos RI

Mom to mom pro-tips…

Dress for it: Moms-to-be Abi & Larissa had fun custom shirts made for their maternity shoot. Why not? You only get this opportunity once!

Get sentimental: Mom-to-be Abby had photos taken at home & included their dog, Annie. For her, it was important the photos were taken where she would raise her daughter.

Forget the traditional: Whether its climbing onto a John Deere or orchestrating meme-worthy photos to share with your friends, don’t hold back when personalizing your shoot. If it is within your physical capabilities, go for it!

Interested in learning more about a maternity session? Check out our maternity gallery on our site or feel free to shoot us a message - we'd love to chat!