I've known Mark for many years, we first met through my early networking BNI days. He and his wife, Lynette own Mirage Design, a local graphic design company. I was excited when he reached out to inquire about family portraits to give to his mother for her 80th birthday. He explained she always wanted photos like that, and so Mark and his sister, Kara decided this was the year to finally give her what she desired!

The plan was for the photo shoot to focus on the four grandsons (Grandma’s pride and joy), who range in age from 12-17. Of course, we photographed everyone in each branch of the family, too - including the moms and dads. It is always best to have lots of variety while taking the photos, so afterwards we don’t wish we had a grouping that we didn't do!

Anyone with a family full of teenagers knows life is hectic, and we were able to have this entire extended family portrait session finished in less than 40 minutes, pleasing everyone! We decided to print two 8x10s for Grandma: one of the grandsons and one of everyone together, which they would wrap for her birthday. On top of that, Grandma will be coming to the studio for her own viewing session to pick out any additional photos she likes!

Tradition In Studio Portraits on a Neutral Backdrop | Nicole Gesmondi Photographer

We take utmost care when photographing, editing, and retouching our images. When Mark picked up the prints for his mom, he mentioned how their last experience getting professional photos was awful, and how much more enjoyable the family’s time was with us. On top of that, Mark said Lynette would be pleased with the retouching because it looked natural. That made my day! I always strive for my clients to have the most comfortable, convenient photo session possible – and this was confirmation I am doing it right!