Do not limit yourself to thinking you only need traditional business headshots (think yearbook photos) to promote yourself and your business! In a modern world, having several professional photos to use on social media & your website is essential. In fact, if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we as business owners need to be ready to pivot and work almost entirely online, even if our business might not be one traditionally done via telecommuting.

qigong instructor offering zoom classes from her Narragansett RI studio
Debbie Belaus now offers her Qigong classes via Zoom to keep her clients safe during the pandemic.
She wanted new headshot photos of herself and her studio to reflect this.

Meet Debbie Belaus, she owns Feel Good Qigong in Narragansett, Rhode Island. She offers transformational classes, presentations and workshops on healthy aging using a combination of yoga and Qigong. Due to the pandemic, these services are entirely online, so she reached out to us to photograph her in her new “Zoom” studio. Because clients cannot physically visit Debbie and Feel Good Qigong, it was important she had professional photographs of her and the studio space to make them feel more comfortable and confident with her and her facilities from an entirely online perspective.

We met Debbie in Narragansett and got a few traditional type headshots (because those are still important to have, especially for profile photos!) before moving onto a few of her doing her yoga routine in popular positions. We also sat in while she had a Zoom session and got some photos of that, too!

New headshots for Debbie Belaus of Feel Good Qigong

Debbie ended up with a digital album of photos with diverse poses and looks, which will integrate perfectly onto the different pages of her website. They say actions speak louder than words, so actually seeing her practice what she preaches via photograph in a digital world go a long way with building her credibility and ability to attract future clients!

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