Promo photos for local Qi Gong instructor Debbie BelausI've known Debbie Belaus for many years as she also owns Bright Path Ceremonies where she is a non-denominational wedding minister and wedding officiant. Her most recent endeavor had been training to become a Qi Gong instructor. Along with her newly designed website, Feel Good Qi Gong, updated headshots were next on her list.
Q: What is Qigong?
A: "Qi Gong, which means (energy cultivation) is based on ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, which taps into the rich storehouse of natural wisdom within your own body. The practice is a simple yet profound practice that can help you be your own best healer, bringing vitality, inspiration and union of your body, mind and spirit. It's not how much we exercise, but living a life in motion that is healing rather than harmful. It is Self Care for your Health Care."
Q: Why was it important for you to take your headshots on location?
A: "It was important for me to have my headshots on location for several reasons. Qi Gong is all about following nature's laws. Since I live near the ocean, and teach a lot of my classes outside, I wanted the picture to reflect this beauty all around me."
Q: What did you use the photos for?
A: "I used the photos for my website and all of my marketing material. I am the product so I think it's important to physical show who I am and where I teach."
Q: How have these new updated photos helped your business?
A: "The photos have helped my business, because it shows I am a professional. Nicole was able to capture a moment in time that reflects who I am as a Qi Gong teacher who connects nature with my teaching."
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