Ben and Steph: URI Alum Proposes at the Towers in Narragansett 6/18/20

Ben contacted us on the first of June because he wanted to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Steph. Currently living in New York, Ben planned on proposing in Rhode Island during their next weekend getaway in Narragansett. It was the perfect place to pop the question because they are college sweethearts and met while attending the University of Rhode Island! How adorable!

It was so much fun helping Ben scout out a location for this important milestone! For a few weeks, we traded emails with ideas that might work near to Aqua, their hotel in Narragansett. Using Google street view (for Ben) and some cell phone snaps (from me), Ben chose the fountain by The Towers as the place to pop the question! He was so confident he even made reservations at the Coast Guard House to celebrate afterwards!

Photos of The Towers in Narragansett
Cell phone photos we sent Ben to confirm the proposal location.

On the afternoon of the 18th, we blended in with the tourists around the fountain and waited for Ben and Steph to walk by. As planned, they did, and right before our eyes (and lenses) he got down on bended knee! The pictures tell the story; she was SO surprised! SO happy! And SO stunning! The look of excitement is clear across her face! If you have not already guessed, she said “YES!”

URI Alum proposes in front of the Historic Towers in Narragansett RI
Her reaction is priceless!
Surprise proposal at the Towers in Narragansett RI
The "I can't believe you pulled this off without me knowing" look.

Before their celebration dinner (good call, Ben!), we walked around and took a few more photos for an impromptu engagement shoot. It was a gorgeous evening, and definitely one they will remember forever!

engagement photos by the Tower's in Narragansett RI
A mini photoshoot of the newly engaged couple occurred immediately following the proposal.

Testimonials: We asked, they answered!

Why was it important to have your proposal to Steph photographed?

Ben: Having this moment captured was important to me because it is something we will cherish forever. When life gets busy, and one day we will (hopefully) be running around taking care of our children, we can always come back to this moment. It is a reminder of where we met and how far we have come since. It is a moment I am proud of, and one I wanted to share with our families and friends. Every time I look at these pictures, I am reminded of how lucky and blessed I am to be with this amazing woman.

Are you happy Ben decided to have your proposal photographed?

Steph: Yes! It was such a surprise for me (even though I might have had a little feeling), it was hard to absorb how beautiful it was while in the moment. Having these pictures allows me to revisit and relive the moment whenever I want. It is truly a gift!

black and white proposal photo of couple
Pure Happiness!
photographer poses with newly engaged couple
Photographer Selfie with Ben and Steph.