Relive cherished moments of your wedding day with a custom wedding photo album.

What makes a wedding photo album worth it?

As photographers, the most important part of our job is preserving your wedding day memories. These are the heartfelt emotions that flood your body every time you think of them and the moments you never want to forget. That’s where having a wedding photo album comes in handy.

A physical wedding photo album is a wonderful way to relive a day that will go by way too quickly. With each page comes a contented sigh, a giggle, or maybe a few tears as your memories rush back to the day itself. Sure, the digital images you’ll get from your photographer are a convenient way to see your wedding day images whenever and wherever you want. That is, as long as you don’t lose the thumb drive they came on or the technology to view them is unchanged.

There’s magic in the textured, printed pages of your wedding photo album. A skilled photographer will work with you to design one that tells the story of the day two became one. Let’s consider why else it’s worth it to preserve your milestone through a wedding photo album.

A wedding photo album captures your intricate planning

detail photo of a wedding champagne toast. Photo by Al Elmes from Splash

We all know weddings aren’t cheap or easy. There are months of organizing and endless factors to evaluate. Budgeting alone becomes an entire job. As you finally get to your beautiful wedding day and try to stay present in each planned and unplanned moment, you realize just how quickly time is passing. Luckily, if you’ve hired a standout photographer to capture every detail, you’ll be able to relive them, again and again, through a wedding photo album. A well-organized, high-quality album is a tangible keepsake of your wedding investment.

A wedding photo album is a conversation starter

Elderly couple looking through a wedding album. Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

Friends and family love to reminisce and tell stories about the good old days. And weddings are usually filled with pure gems! When you have company over, whether old friends or new, a wedding photo album displayed on your coffee table makes for an easy icebreaker. It invites others into your world and creates a chance to bond over your story.

A wedding photo album is a keepsake heirloom

Scattered black and white old wedding photos with white borders. Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

Couples ask themselves, “Will I look at these pictures again?” From our experience working with newlyweds, after the wedding, life happens, and it happens fast. You’re enjoying fresh adventures together or maybe exploring new milestones like starting a family or buying a home. This often leads to a dusty thumb drive hardly ever seeing the light of day, let alone a cherished album. Looking back at your wedding photo album can evoke comforting reminders of love and togetherness as you move through life and all its difficulties. It’s a precious symbol of how your love story unfolded and, as it ages, will help the next generation understand what it means to love and commit.

Let’s create your wedding photo album

Wedding Photos and Album Design Services

Perhaps the best part of creating a wedding photo album is that we do all of the work! If this service is part of your photography package, we will create your visual story with approximately 90 images, bringing the same level of attention and care that we brought to your wedding day. Plus, you’ll gain exclusive access to our premium photo lab which offers the highest quality album papers and inks.

Are you looking for a full-service wedding photographer in Rhode Island or the Boston area? Contact us to start a conversation about your big day.