David was a man with a plan when he contacted us a week before his upcoming trip to Rhode Island with girlfriend Rachael for his birthday weekend in Newport. The couple live in Philadelphia and had never been to our Ocean State before! Wisely, Rachael chose Newport because it looked like a fun place to celebrate David’s birthday (we agree!), but little did she know they would end up celebrating so much more once he popped the question!

Since she would not be expecting it, David knew this would be the best time catch Rachael off-guard and propose! In the days prior, we kept in touch with him via emails and text during work hours to coordinate timing, location, and some room décor. David thought of all the details and we helped make it happen! We coordinated picking up "will you marry me?" balloons at Party City on the way to Newport and set them up by taping each letter to the wall before they arrived. We also set up some photos David personally selected to hang in the room of their fun and happy times together.

Gurney's Newport RI Hotel Room Proposal
How cute are these two?

Gurney’s Resorts never disappoints; they provided white rose petals on the floor and bed, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, a red rose bouquet, and of course that GORGEOUS view! Seriously, how swoon worthy and romantic is this room!? We hid out while they checked into the hotel and came up; the anticipation was awesome! The door clicked open, and they walked in, Rachael leading the way. She immediately saw the photos on the wall, looked towards the bed and said, "…David, what did you do?!" Then she saw the balloons on the wall - As you can see, she was shocked! In absolute awe she said “YES!” and flew into his arms. They looked like the two happiest people in the world – all the planning and prepping paid off!

Rosnov Philadelphia Jeweler
Rosnov Jewelers designed the engagement ring.
They happen to be a close friend of the couple which made it even more special.
Gurney's Newport Proposal
She said Yes! And is in awe of that ring!

As usual, the proposal turned into a mini engagement session to get some fresh photos for David and Rachael to show off to their family and friends! We hit up a few sunlit locations at Gurney’s. The lighting was incredible in the lounge, and though there were some photobombs, an advantage of hiring a professional photographer is we can edit them right out! You are left with these stunning photos of a couple in love on the day they decided to spend forever together. What is better than that?

Creative proposal photography
My FAVORITE photo from our session.
Black and White Newport Proposal Photographer
My SECOND FAVORITE photo from our session.

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