Wondering What To Do With Your Wedding Photos?

Published 06/30/2022

You’ve spent months—maybe years?—planning every detail of your wedding. When the day is over, “more decisions” are usually the last thing you want or need. So if you’re wondering what to do with your wedding photos, we’re here to help!

We’ve got lots of inspired ideas for displaying your wedding images, and experience seeing which products best bring memories back to life for our clients.

“Having these pictures allows me to revisit and relive the moment whenever I want. It’s truly a gift.”  - Future Stephanie Bernstein, New York City

Keep reading to learn which are the most popular photo display items and  why we love them.


Five fresh ideas to showcase your wedding photos

Signature Photo Books

These customized photo books feature thin photographic pages and clean layouts. We offer full service support to help you select the best images and arrange them to tell the full story of your day from start to finish. Cover options include fabric, metal, and acrylic to suit any taste and decor for display on a coffee table or bookshelf, making it easy to peruse with guests or reminisce together.

Image of a Signature Wedding Album from Miller's Lab

Canvas Clusters

These wall collages are made up of four single image canvas wraps, designed to complement each other visually and wired to hang easily together on your wall. Clients love having a single collage to hang and we consistently hear from couples that the stunning presentation elevates their wedding images into fine art that brings a room together. We’ll even come help you hang them just so if you’d like!

Custom Press Thank-you Cards

The perfect way to express gratitude while showing off a favorite image! Various designs allow you to customize your message, colors, and font, while displaying a favorite image or a collage (who says you have to pick just one?). You can even leave room for a handwritten, personalized note, or direct readers to your wedding gallery to see the full day’s worth of images.

Image of custom thank you press cards from Miller's Lab

Companion Albums

Your parents and grandparents love you, and they love having an album of their own. We frequently help clients put together smaller versions of their wedding album as a gift to honored family members for them to revisit the day, or to share with extended family members who weren’t able to attend.

Images of Wedding Albums and Parent Albums

Holiday Keepsakes

Along with using your images for holiday cards in the year you get married, there are now a number of fun ways to craft ornaments from your wedding images, to become keepsakes to be treasured and passed down as part of your family’s holiday decor.

unique things to do with your wedding photos

Turn engagement photos into a wedding keepsake

Custom sign-in book

Clients who use us for their engagement photos often enjoy putting together a custom sign-in book of images for the wedding day itself. Sign in books feature elegant pearl or matte pages and hold about 20 images. We love the option to personalize the book with custom cues for your guests, to prompt them to leave quotes, advice, or other notes beyond the traditional “Congrats!” or “Best wishes!”

wedding guest sign in book inspiration

A full-service partner from start to finish

As a full-service studio, it’s our job and our joy not just to create the images, but to walk you through choosing photos, designing albums, and every other step of the way towards getting these products in your hands and on your walls. We make it simple and seamless to show off your images, bask in the memories, and pass them on to future generations.

Are you looking for a wedding photographer who partners with you from start to finish? Contact us today to talk about your hopes and dreams for wedding photography.